How To Tackle Cybersecurity In 2017

How To Tackle Cybersecurity In 2017


In 2002 The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) was enacted following the most egregious terror attack ever a year before in September in the United States in which about 3,000 people lost their lives and history books now commonly tag it as 9/11 for the date September 11.

In one-and-half decade since then the security systems have vastly improved, but simultaneously the sophistication of hackers have increased too lately.

There’s a call now for more defensive steps that need to be taken this year by the federal government and the twelve months down the line from now will define exactly what will be those steps.

The 2016 passed with increasing brazenness by hackers and the most significant events were the Clinton presidential election campaign and hacks of the DNC. It all reminded a new, leveraged hacking attacks that need to be understand. Ignoring such types of online attacks is not possible as ignoring the 9/11 attack.

The most recent attack was penetration of a Vermont power company last year in December. The utility grid was attacked and was this a practice run on the Burlington Electric that has less than 20,000 customers.

One more attack important here mentioning is the Bangladesh central bank and the SWIFT interbank transfer system. Government need to step up cybersecurity efforts. It is needless to say creating a cybersecurity law has become necessary for banking.

As of now it is widely seen industry there is no single-dimensional remedy to it and so it is to know solutions are multi-dimensional and government need to orchestrate those.