Job Layoffs in 2023: Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says firing workers is the final option when the economy is in trouble. Even though he claims not to fire workers, Apple is trying to spend less money and hire fewer new employees.

Job Layoffs in 2023: In the tech industry, where many companies are letting people go, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has mentioned that laying off employees is the final choice. Just like other companies such as Google and Amazon, Apple is facing some challenges. However, Cook wants to make it clear that getting rid of jobs is the last thing they want to do.

As per an IANS report, although the Apple CEO has stated that they won’t be firing their employees, they are doing things to spend less money and are not hiring new people as quickly. Tim Cook also told CNBC that they are not currently discussing large-scale layoffs.

The report also mentions that Cook talked about how Apple is being more careful when hiring new people. He said, “We are still hiring, but not as many as we used to. We are also trying to spend our money more wisely and find ways to save,” as reported by IANS.

According to earlier news, Apple did let go of a small number of employees in its corporate and retail divisions, and they also postponed giving out bonuses to employees.

However, the report in the publication says that Apple didn’t hire as many new employees as other big tech companies did during the pandemic. This means Apple is in a better position to avoid firing its employees compared to other global tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Meta (the company that owns Facebook), which have Job Layoffs in large numbers.

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