Lucas Bravo Hopes Gabriel 'Owns Up To His Mistake' - Tech Preview

Actor Lucas Bravo is excited to see his character Gabriel in ‘Emily in Paris’ grow up. The 35-year-old actor revealed that in season four, Gabriel has new goals. He wants to earn a Michelin star, and he’s becoming more mature. He won’t be caught up in relationship drama as much; instead, he’s aiming for something stable.

In season 3 of the popular Netflix series, Camille cancelled her wedding to Gabriel because of his and Emily’s lingering feelings. Then, Gabriel surprised everyone by revealing that Camille was expecting their first child.

The actor from ‘Ticket to Paradise’ said that Gabriel will admit his mistake in the upcoming season. In the past season, he mostly felt like a victim.

He mentioned that in season four, Gabriel will grow up and change, which he enjoys acting. It’s like starting a character, taking a break, and then returning as a more mature person.

Bravo also explained that sometimes it feels like going back in time when you play the same character but with new experiences. He’s happy that in season four, he can bring what he’s learned over the past four years into the role.

He also mentioned that fans might have to wait longer for season 4 because of a strike by the Writers Guild of America. They want to support the writers and won’t start working on it until the issue is resolved.

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