10 TV Shows Like ‘From’

From” is a captivating mystery show that has become more exciting each week. The plot is full of interesting twists and flashbacks, and the main puzzle is so engaging that you’ll want to watch episode after episode.

Have you just finished watching it and are searching for shows that are alike? Look no further! For those who like to read quickly, we’ve also mentioned how these recommended shows are similar.

And for every show we’ve talked about, there’s a link provided. You can click on it to read our detailed review of that show and decide if it’s worth your time.

Now, let’s get to it. Here are 10 TV series that you’ll probably enjoy if you liked watching “From.”

The Society

Similarities – Gripping Mystery

“The Society” is like a new version of the classic story “Lord Of The Flies.” It’s a Netflix series that feels a bit too long with its 10 episodes and might have been better with less.

The tale starts when a weird smell covers an American town, and a bunch of kids come back from a trip to find that all the grown-ups are gone. What’s even weirder is that the town is suddenly cut off by dense forests.

Once the smell goes away, the kids notice little things about their town that end up being important later in the story.

As you might expect, the teenagers in “The Society” go through a lot of drama and strong emotions. They spend a lot of time partying and dealing with relationships, but they also try to solve the mystery of what happened to their town… or at least they seem to.

Just a heads-up, Netflix stopped making “The Society” in the middle of 2020, so the story doesn’t have an ending. But it’s still an entertaining show to watch until then.


Similarities – Mystery & Pace

“Chapelwaite” is a spooky show inspired by Stephen King’s short story, “Jerusalem’s Lot.” Adrien Brody plays the main role of Captain Charles Boone. He moves to his old family house in Preacher’s Corners, Maine with his three kids after his wife passes away on a ship.

But the people in the town do not welcome the Boones. Soon, they start to find out that their house and the town have scary secrets connected to their family’s past. Charles has to deal with these discoveries and also fight against scary thoughts that push him to do terrible things.

The show does a great job of creating the same kind of scary and mind-twisting horror that you find in Stephen King’s books. The story unfolds slowly, keeping you guessing and interested all the way to the end.

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Wayward Pines

Similarities – Mystery & Pace

“Wayward Pines” is a TV series that asks you to not think too hard and just enjoy the show. The second season might be a bit confusing, but the first season has plenty of drama.

The main story is about a secret service agent named Ethan Burke who goes to Wayward Pines on an important job. He needs to find out what happened to two missing federal agents. But instead of finding answers, he ends up with more questions. As he gets deeper into the mystery, Ethan starts to worry that he might be stuck in Wayward Pines forever.

The show offers a good mystery with some interesting ideas, even though it gives away some answers sooner than expected. Still, it’s a show that’s fun to watch.

The Leftovers

Similarities – Mystery, Tone & Themes

If you like shows with deep themes, you should really watch “The Leftovers.” It has three seasons and starts off after a huge event called the “Sudden Departure,” where 140 million people, or 2% of the world’s population, suddenly vanish.

After this event, traditional religions start to fade away, and new groups, especially one called the Guilty Remnant, begin to appear.

The plot gets more and more captivating as it raises big questions about these themes. I won’t spoil the details for you, but if you haven’t seen it yet, “The Leftovers” is a show you should consider adding to your list of shows to watch.


Similarities – Mystery & Tension

“Flashforward” was a show that got canceled too soon, like many others on TV. After the show “LOST” finished, lots of new shows tried to create big mysteries, and “Flashforward” was one of them. It started like “LOST” but soon became a very exciting science fiction show.

The show’s main idea was about everyone in the world fainting for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. During this time, people saw what their lives would be like in six months.

This event changed the world, and a special FBI team was put together to figure out why it happened.

As the show went on, more secrets were revealed. There were many surprises and big moments that made you want to see what would happen next. Unfortunately, the network decided to stop the show after just one season. Even though it ended with a lot of unanswered questions, it’s still a show worth watching.


Similarities – Mystery, Stuck In Strange Area

In 2004, a small TV show named “Lost” spent too much money on its first episode, which led to some people losing their jobs. They didn’t realize that this problem would help make “Lost” incredibly popular and change how we watch TV.

The show is really interesting and is about a bunch of people who survive a plane crash. They end up on a strange island full of secrets and have to figure out how to stay alive.

Over its 6 seasons, “Lost” might get a bit confusing, but it’s still a great show to watch. If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re into shows like “From,” you should definitely give “Lost” a try.

30 Coins

Similarities – Mystery Box & Deep Themes

“30 Coins” starts with an amazing scene and ends with a big, exciting finish. It’s a scary and thrilling show that horror fans will really like.

The plot mixes history with a twist and spooky events that remind you of the kind of stories Dan Brown writes. The first scene of “30 Coins” is especially good. In it, a strange person goes into a bank and takes a coin from a safe.

Even when the guards shoot at him, he doesn’t stop. He fights back, gets into a black car, and gives the coin to a priest who’s hiding in the shadows. After that, the story gets even stranger and more intense with each episode.

I won’t spoil the rest, but I can tell you that “30 Coins” is definitely a show you should watch.

Outer Range

Similarities – Slow Burn Mystery

“Outer Range” is a dark and intense thriller with a modern twist. It’s set on a big piece of land in Wyoming, USA, where two competing farms are separated by a fence.

Royal, the main character, stumbles upon a strange secret on his property that pulls him into a science fiction adventure that turns his world upside down.

At the same time, there’s tension between two families, the Abbotts and the Tillersons. Royal’s sons, Perry and Rhett, get into a fight with the Tillerson boys at a local bar, leading to a serious conflict.

A sad event leads to the Abbott family being investigated. Sherriff Joy takes charge of the investigation and becomes more important as the story unfolds. However, it’s the weird thing that Royal found that really keeps the story moving.


Similarities – Mystery & Themes

“Carnivale” is a fascinating and visually impressive show that combines history, religion, and supernatural elements. The story is set during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl era, and it follows two seemingly different groups of people: the carnival workers and a preacher’s congregation in California.

The main focus is on two characters: Ben Hawkins, a young man with mysterious healing abilities who joins the carnival, and Brother Justin Crowe, a charismatic preacher with dangerous and manipulative powers. The series hints at an ultimate showdown between these two characters, portraying it as a battle between good and evil.

“Carnivale” has a rich and intricate storyline that explores themes like faith, destiny, and the nature of good and evil. While it unfolds slowly, it’s incredibly rewarding for viewers who invest their time in it.


Similarities – Trapped In Hostile Territory, Supernatural Elements

Showtime’s new drama is a mix of the shows “Lost,” “Lord of the Flies,” and a detective mystery. This mix is really enjoyable and is spread out over 10 episodes, focusing on two different but important time periods.

The main story is about a girls’ soccer team named the Yellowjackets. Their leader, Jackie, is in charge as they get on a plane, but they end up crashing in a remote area

“Yellowjackets” is a thrilling drama series on Showtime. It combines elements from “Lost,” “Lord of the Flies,” and a murder mystery. The story revolves around a high school girls’ soccer team called the Yellowjackets. They board a plane for a national tournament but crash-land in the Canadian wilderness.

The survivors face challenges as they try to stay alive for nineteen months. Some of them even turn to cannibalism. The show also follows their lives 25 years later in 2021, showing how the events of their ordeal continue to affect them.

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What should I watch after silo?

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  • “Westworld”: A thought-provoking series set in a high-tech amusement park populated by android hosts, challenging perceptions of consciousness and morality.
  • “The Peripheral”: A cyberpunk noir experience that delves into virtual reality, class disparities, and ethical dilemmas within a dystopian setting.

What is the best TV series out there?

  • “Fallout”: An adaptation that feels like a true extension of the games, exploring a post-apocalyptic world.
  • “Ripley”: A sumptuous reinterpretation of Patricia Highsmith’s insidious social climber.
  • “3 Body Problem”: Tackling ambitious source material with impressive gusto, this sci-fi series leaves fans eager for more.
  • “Shōgun”: Visually sumptuous and enriched with cultural verisimilitude, this epic adaptation outdoes the original.
  • “A Gentleman in Moscow”: A whimsical portrait of a life blossoming under constraining circumstances.

Is there any good series to watch?

  • “The Dragon Prince”: A magical adventure set in the land of Xadia.
  • “Mo”: A series that straddles the line between two cultures.
  • “Arcane: League of Legends”: Chronicles the origins of two iconic League champions.
  • “Red Rose”: Teens must survive a summer of terror after downloading a mysterious app.
  • “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners”: A street kid tries to survive in a technology-obsessed city of the future.