Have you ever thought Apple would ever outsource its iPhone manufacturing to a company within the territory of United States of America. If not, you are informed this could be possible in near future, or in future but within the next four years of time period.

The President-elect Donald Trump is learned to have contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook and the main agenda of his conversation over a phone call was why not iDevices are made in the US instead of China.

In an interview recently with The New York Times the businessman-turned-politician revealed he said to Cook his real achievement would be when Apple builds one big plant or many such big plants in the US instead of reaching China again and again for the manufacturing of the products.

It is very true for about a decade or more the manufacturing jobs have been vanishing from the American soil by millions and if we take a quick look to the statement of Steve Jobs the efforts of Trump would go in vein.

Co-founder Jobs told to President Barack Obama the jobs would not come back again.

The cheap labor is not the only point why Apple would ponder on Chinese soil, but the deep reliance on the efficiencies granted by having other components of its supply chain in almost the same place.

In his election campaign Trump said he would get the iDevice giant build its computers and other products in the US instead of other countries.

However, Trump need to know he cannot simply mandate his vision and no number of his phones calls too is going to change what Apple is used to until now. The laws related to domestic manufacturing need to be changed towards making it far more appealing.

Isn’t it?