Can Your iPhone Tell the Temperature?

In the age of smartphones, we often find ourselves asking what our devices are truly capable of. One question that pops up, especially during extreme weather conditions, is whether our iPhones can tell the temperature. Let us talk about this topic and clear up some common misconceptions.

The Misconception

Many people believe that iPhones come equipped with a built-in thermometer that can measure the temperature of their surroundings. However, this is not entirely accurate. 

While iPhones do have temperature sensors, their purpose is not to measure the room’s temperature but to protect the phone’s internal components.

The Reality

The temperature sensors inside an iPhone are there to monitor the device’s battery and processor temperature. If the phone gets too hot or too cold, these sensors can shut down the device to prevent any damage. 

So, while your iPhone does have sensors that detect temperature, they are not designed to tell you how hot or cold your room is.

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How to Check the Temperature Then?

If you are looking to find out the temperature of your surroundings using your iPhone, you will need a little help from external devices. Here is how you can do it:

  • External Sensors: To get an accurate reading of the ambient temperature, you can use external sensors that connect to your iPhone via WiFi or Bluetooth. These sensors can be placed in a room, and you can monitor the temperature and humidity in real-time through a companion app on your iPhone.
  • Weather Apps: Your iPhone can display the outdoor temperature by fetching data from nearby weather stations through GPS and location tracking. This is why weather apps can show you the supposed outside temperature. However, they cannot tell you the indoor temperature without an external thermometer.
  • Third-Party Apps: There are apps available that claim to measure room temperature using the iPhone’s internal sensors. But as we have learned, these sensors are not meant for this purpose. The readings from such apps are only estimates and can have a high margin of error. It is best to avoid relying on these for accurate temperature readings.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while your iPhone itself cannot tell the temperature of your surroundings, it can certainly assist you in doing so with the help of external devices and sensors. Next time you are curious about the temperature, remember that your iPhone is more of a middleman than a thermometer.

People May Ask

Can an iPhone be used as a thermometer? 

No, an iPhone cannot be used as a thermometer to measure your body or room temperature. It has sensors to monitor its own temperature, not the environment’s.

How do I check my temperature on my iPhone? 

You can’t check your body temperature with an iPhone directly. For that, you will need a separate medical thermometer. However, you can use health apps to track your temperature readings after you take them.

Can I check the room temperature with my phone? 

Your phone itself cannot measure room temperature. However, you can connect external temperature sensors to your phone and use an app to read the temperature.

How do you check room temperature? 

To check room temperature, you can use a room thermometer. There are digital ones that can send the temperature to your phone or traditional ones that display the temperature on a screen or dial.