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In the world of Pokemon, there are many creatures of different shapes and sizes. Cat lovers can find a lot of cute cat-like Pokemon. Trainers can choose from various cat Pokemon such as Litten, Meowth, and Purrloin throughout the series.

Each Pokemon is special and their designs come from different things like fantasy creatures and objects. For example, there’s a Pokemon that looks like an ice-cream called Vanillite, and the famous Fire-type Charizard. Real animals also inspire many Pokemon designs, and there are quite a few cat-like creatures in Pokemon.

The Pokemon called Meowth, which looks like a cat, was first seen in the early Pokemon games Red and Blue. As the years went by, fans could catch more and more cat-like Pokemon. One of them is Sprigatito, a cute Grass-type Pokemon, which is one of the starters in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games.

Here’s a list of all the cat Pokemon you can find in the Pokedex as of 2023:

How are these cat Pokemon sorted?

How do we decide which ones are ‘cat Pokemon’? Some are clearly called that in the Pokedex. Like Meowth, known as the ‘Scratch Cat’, or Litten from Gen 7, called the ‘Fire Cat’.

Others are not as obvious, but they look enough like cats to be included. Take Raikou for example: It has fantasy parts, but it’s mostly a saber-tooth tiger, which is related to the cat family.

How many cat Pokemon exist?

We’ve checked all the entries of Pokedex, from the old Gameboy Red and Blue games to the newest ones like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, to count how many are related to cats — there are 28.

You can see the complete list of these cat Pokemon in the game. This list includes various creatures from the cat family, like tigers and lions. In the world of Pokemon, there are creatures of different shapes and sizes. If you like cats, you can find many cute cat-like Pokemon.

Trainers can select from a group of cat Pokemon such as Litten, Purrloin, and Meowth in the series:

Complete list of Cat Pokemon in the Pokedex

SprigatitoGrassSpigatito sprite
Alolan MeowthDarkAlolan Meowth Cat Pokemon
Galarian MeowthSteelGalarian Meowth Cat Pokemon
PersianNormalPersian Cat Pokemon
Alolan PersianDarkAlolan Persian Cat Pokemon
EspeonPsychicEspeon Cat Pokemon
LuxioElectricLuxio cat
ShinxElectricShinx Cat Pokemon
SkittyNormalSkitty Cat Pokemon
RaikouElectric Raikou Cat Pokemon

This list only has the Pokemon that are really like cats. Some could be thought of as cat-like, such as Eevee (and some of its evolutions other than Espeon), Mew, Absol, and Entei but they aren’t only cat creatures.

Mew, like, is said to have the all other Pokemon’s DNA and might look more like a mouse. The special Entei has parts of a lion, but looks more like a dog.

So, that’s all the cat Pokemon in the Pokedex up to 2023. When more Pokemon are found, come back to see our list with new ones added.

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