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It Happened One Summer is a super cool and exciting romance. It is about Piper, a fancy person from LA. She gets sent to a small town called Westport as a kind of punishment. Her job is to run her dad’s dive bar and learn to be responsible.

But guess what? Instead of just doing her job, she starts feeling a real connection to the town and even falls for a grumpy sea captain with a big beard. The story is all about finding yourself, connecting with where you come from, feeling like you belong, and, of course, trust, faith, and love.

Get ready for an exciting ride. The story is so interesting and fun, with a quick pace. It is told from Piper and Braden’s viewpoint like someone watching them. You will enjoy how it all begins: Piper is going through a tough time after a three-week-long relationship ends.

It Happened One Summer

She throws a crazy party on the rooftop, and her step-dad decides to teach her a lesson by sending her to Westport for three months. To make things even more interesting, her younger sister and best friend, Hannah, tags along so Piper is not alone in the fisherman’s town. It’s cool to see what happens next and how the story wraps up.

You might not have liked Piper at the beginning. She seemed spoiled, not very serious, and all about the fancy lifestyle. Her main focus was Instagram and keeping up her reputation as a party girl. However, deep down, there is more to her than meets the eye.

As the story goes on, you start to see these hidden sides of her. It becomes tough not to love Piper when you discover more about her. She’s actually kind, caring, full of life, and can adapt to different situations.

You will really like how she connected not only with her late dad and distant grandma but with all of Westport. It is so cool to watch her explore life beyond Instagram, understand the importance of money through budgeting, and still keep her love for fashion and parties.

It is tough when she goes through a rough patch, and my heart goes out to her. It is sad that people did not believe in her and never gave her a shot to show them otherwise. However, what’s really awesome is how she keeps on trying, and being with Braden inspires her to give it her all.

Braden is a grumpy, bearded, and good-looking fisherman who lost his wife. At first, he came off as harsh and quick to judge, which led to some playful teasing between him and Piper. I could also see things from his perspective and understand why he felt that way about Piper.

It is totally normal for him not to warm up to Piper at first. After all, she is there to take over the ‘No Name’ bar, which is dear to the town. Plus, she is kind of threatening to shake him up mentally and physically. However, what I really liked was how he quickly took a step back once he realized he was being mean to a harmless woman for no good reason.

You have this guy who pays close attention, takes responsibility, stays loyal, and thinks a lot about things. He gives his full focus to whatever or whoever he cares about. I really liked how he gets Piper and never tries to change her. At first, I thought seeing her Instagram pictures might bother him or make him act possessive, but to my surprise, he actually liked that side of Piper, too.

At that moment, I wished he could be yours. I admired how patient and understanding he was, but at the same time, he had his own worries and was afraid of losing Piper.

What you will really enjoy is that it is not just Piper who grows in this story, but Braden does too. It is awesome to see how being with Piper makes him break out of his usual routine and try new things, especially considering how much he loves sticking to a schedule.

The other characters in the story are fantastic too. They all feel real and easy to relate to. Hanna and Fox stand out as my favourites. I also liked the bond between Hanna and Piper as siblings. They support and look out for each other. Hanna is just lovely, responsible, and cute. Her unwavering belief in Piper makes her the best sister, and you can see why she is also Piper’s best friend.

You might not be a fan of Maureen, who is Piper and Hannah’s mom, and Daniel, their step-dad. The reason is that they’re kind of absent in the sisters’ lives. It does not feel right that they never discussed Westport or their real dad until they sent the girls there without any information. They also did not mention their grandma until Piper met her.

It is a letdown with both Maureen and Daniel. They did not make an effort to see how the girls were doing, and they did not even show up in the important part of the story, despite talking about being reliable at the beginning.

The small town, Westport, is really awesome. You will start to like this quiet place, just like Piper did. The community there is so supportive and includes everyone. Reading about their tough lives, dealing with losses, and how strong they are with their feelings and beliefs is pretty interesting.

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Now, let us talk about the romance, it is super sexy, hot, and absolutely perfect. It blends well with the rest of the story. When I first picked up the book, I wasn’t expecting so many steamy scenes, but oh boy, they are so well written and never feel awkward. You might even need to cool yourself down while reading them.

The chemistry between Piper and Braden is enjoyable, and it is sweet how they find a whole world in each other. The conversations between the characters about love, problems, doubts, life, and expectations are written really well. This definitely sets a standard.

There are not only a lot of steamy scenes but also feelings, funny parts, sweet and romantic moments, and many surprises – not like big twists but more like the characters making you go, “Oh, really?” My top moments include Piper running with a pan on fire, Braden joining Instagram, Piper confessing love to Braden, Piper having a sudden realization, and her understanding that there is more to life than just Instagram and parties.

The most intense part is really sad and emotional. Man, Piper’s pain and sadness made you cry during this bit. You might have wanted to give Braden a little knock on the head for pressuring Piper to decide, and that moment in the bar was tough. Seeing Piper lose her usual spark is really heartbreaking. However, good news, things turned out well.

It is great that Braden realized his mistake, and the whole town showing love for Piper is heartwarming. When Braden said, “Piper is Westport,” you totally agree. The ending is lovely, feel-good, and satisfying. That bonus chapter about Hanna and Fox at the end is cool, and you cannot wait to read more about them in the sequel.

People May Also Ask

Is “It Happened One Summer” a closed door romance?

The book “It Happened One Summer” by Tessa Bailey is set in a small town with a banished heiress and a grumpy fisherman. It is also quite spicy for those who enjoy open door romance.

What kind of story is “It Happened One Summer”?

This book falls into the “enemies to lovers” category, as Piper and Brendan start off as total opposites who do not get along at first.

Is “It Happened One Summer” a spicy read?

In short, “It Happened One Summer” is a feel-good romance that combines humor, heart, and spice in just the right way.

Do Brendan and Piper end up together in “It Happened One Summer”?

Piper realizes that her life in Los Angeles does not offer what Westport can. Westport has Brendan, and they confess their love. The novel concludes with Piper settling into life in Westport, eagerly awaiting her boyfriend’s return from a fishing trip.

Is “It Happened One Summer” LGBTQ+?

No information suggests that “It Happened One Summer” is LGBTQ+ themed.

Is “It Happened One Summer” a banned book?

No, there is no information indicating that “It Happened One Summer” is a banned book.

Is “It Happened One Summer” being made into a movie?

Yes, Bcdf Pictures and Frolic Media are set to produce a movie adaptation of Tessa Bailey’s bestselling romantic comedy novel. While the exact release details are not confirmed, if production starts in 2022, the movie is expected to hit screens by the end of 2023.

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