Club Penguin Rewritten Pulled By Disney: Three Arrested - Tech Preview

This morning, someone on Reddit talked about something really sad happening in a place called “Club Penguin Rewritten.” It’s a place where people who love Club Penguin can go and play, but it’s not made by the real Club Penguin people.

People who played there noticed that something bad was happening. Some thought there might be a problem with the law and the police in London were checking it out. While they were playing, parts of the game started disappearing, like magic.

There were lots of people talking about it on a chat called Discord, but suddenly, everything they said disappeared! And now, when you go to the game’s website, it says the police in London took it away. It’s a really sad day for Club Penguin fans.

In 2007, Disney bought a game called Club Penguin for a lot of money. It was a game where kids could have fun online, and it was the first online game I ever played. Back then, I didn’t understand much about big business deals, but even my friends thought it was a big deal.

As time went on, the game wasn’t as popular, and those of us who loved sliding on sleds and dancing at parties moved on to other things. In 2017, Disney decided to close the game because not many people were playing it anymore. They tried to get players to switch to a new game called Club Penguin Island, but it didn’t last long.

But after the original Club Penguin ended, there have always been fans who wanted to bring it back. They made their own versions of the game so that grown-ups could remember the fun times they had collecting puffles, dancing at the pizza shop, and trying to break the game’s rules.

“CPRewritten is shutting down effective immediately due to a full request by Disney. We have voluntarily given control over the website to the police for them to continue their copyright investigation.”

While a big company called Meta is trying really hard to make a game called “Horizon Worlds” and make people like their special online world, there’s something cool happening with a game called Club Penguin.

Even a musician named Soccer Mommy, who once performed at a big event for a guy named Bernie Sanders, had a concert in Club Penguin Rewritten in April 2020.

But now, there’s sad news. The people who run Club Penguin Rewritten left one last message on their chat called Discord. They said, “Club Penguin Rewritten is closing right now because Disney asked us to stop. We’ve given control of our website to the police so they can check if we did something wrong with Disney’s stuff.”

Disney has been upset before about people copying their game, Club Penguin, which they don’t use anymore. In 2020, they closed down another copy of the game called “Club Penguin Online” because there were some really bad things happening there, like mean messages and even some very serious problems with a person.

The people who ran Club Penguin Rewritten had rules on their website saying no one should be mean or use bad words. Maybe Disney wanted to close it because they were making money from ads. But a long time ago, they said they used that money for their website and gave the rest to a good cause. We don’t know if they kept doing that.

Copying someone else’s stuff is not okay, but having fun playing a penguin game is really fun.

Some Questions

  1. Is Club Penguin Rewritten gone?

    Yes, Club Penguin Rewritten is not available anymore. The police in London closed it down in April 2022 because Disney asked them to, and some people were arrested. Many kids used to play this game.

  2. Is Club Penguin Rewritten okay?

    No, Club Penguin Rewritten is not okay anymore. It was closed down after being open for five years because Disney wanted it to stop. The police are now checking it to see if everything was okay.

  3. Is Club Penguin coming back in 2023?

    There was a special event in 2023 to welcome back Club Penguin Legacy after it was closed for a while. So yes, it came back for a little while.

  4. Why was Club Penguin banned?

    Disney banned a website that was using the Club Penguin name and characters without permission. They were really upset because they heard about bad things happening on that website.

  5. When did CPR shut down?

    Club Penguin Rewritten shut down on April 13, 2022. The people who ran it did this because Disney asked them to. They gave control of the website to the police for an investigation, and it hasn’t come back since then.

  6. Is Club Penguin safe for kids?

    Yes, Club Penguin Legacy says they care a lot about safety and privacy. They want kids and their families to have a good time while being safe on the website.

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