Genshin Impact, the popular action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, is known for its continuous updates and character additions. One of the highly anticipated characters is Chiori, whose full ability kit has been leaked.

Who is Chiori?

Genshin Impact Chiori

Genshin Impact Chiori

Chiori is a character in Genshin Impact who is expected to make her playable debut in Version 4.5. She is an off-field Geo Sword DPS and is expected to have puppets or mannequins in her splash art. Chiori’s ability kit will have front-loaded damage and use both DEF and ATK stats.

Chiori’s Detailed Abilities

Elemental Skill: Fluttering Hasode

Chiori’s Elemental Skill, Fluttering Hasode, is speculated to summon a scissor. This scissor is expected to be semi-transparent like Gorou’s flag and yellow, probably because of the Geo Element. Furthermore, it has a small handle, but the blades are long. It groups together enemies in a straight line and deals with Geo DMG.

This ability may have two versions: Press and Hold, and it generates four to five particles. It appears that holding Chiori’s Elemental Skill increases its AoE and can be a good crowd control ability against smaller enemies like the Hilichurls and Slimes.

Elemental Burst: Hiyoku: Twin Blades

Chiori’s Elemental Burst, Hiyoku: Twin Blades, is also hinted to be a scissor-related ability. Upon using her Elemental Burst, there is a close-up shot in which Chiori holds the scissor with one hand and rotates it with a “disgusted expression.”

Elemental Burst: Hiyoku: Twin Blades

Elemental Burst: Hiyoku: Twin Blades

Once the animation has ended, three scissor-like objects reportedly appear around Chiori before slowing rotating in the air and hitting nearby enemies. After the skill is used, the scissor-like items appear behind the active character, similar to Xingqiu’s swords.

Chiori’s Role in Genshin Impact

Chiori's Role in Genshin Impact

Chiori’s Role in Genshin Impact

Chiori is expected to be an off-field Support/sub-DPS unit. She is speculated to be one of the upcoming playable characters in the game and is expected to be released in version 4.5. Chiori also appears to have a crowd-control ability to group enemies together, which would be a first for any Geo character.

Chiori’s Potential Impact on Game Dynamics

Chiori’s ascension stat is CRIT RATE, and her signature weapon will provide 88% CRIT DMG at Level 90. Her Normal Attack animations will feature a dual-wielding combo, similar to Alhaitham. Her Elemental Burst will have front-loaded damage, similar to Ayaka.

It remains to be determined if her abilities will have synergy based on the amount of Crystallize Shards or Geo Constructs on the field, but the best iteration solely relies on Crystallize shards.

Chiori is expected to debut in Genshin Impact 4.5 and will likely be the only new playable character. This patch is also speculated to host a major Mondstadt festival event and even a potential rerun banner for Albedo.


The leaks suggest that Chiori is a support unit, resembling characters like Albedo. Like Albedo, her skills may scale with DEF, making her a viable off-field Geo Support Sub-DPS unit. It is also speculated that Chiori wields a sword and that it will be good on Albedo as well.

However, these are all based on leaks and are subject to change. Players are waiting for the official release of Chiori’s kit to see how she will impact the game dynamics.