Dendro Archon Leak

Genshin Impact invites you to explore the world of Teyvat and choose from three powerful Archons as playable characters! Feel free to customize your adventure with unique abilities and resources. The latest one is Ei, the electro Archon of Inazuma. Now it’s time to meet our new Archon with a new element in the game, Dendro. Kusanali also known as Nahida. She is a supporting character according to the leakers.

From what leakers have gathered on the Dendro Archon leak, the newest archon skillset helps Nahida to be the strongest support character. She will fit within all the Dendroteam comp. As she applies Dandro, you need elements that match with Dandro and react with it. You will need Hyrdo, electro if want to pyro. Let’s explore all the leaks on Nahida:

Strongest support character 

From next month’s update, we will have Nahida’scharacter banner. She will be playable next month. Travelers are exploring and finishing the story mission of the newest region Sumeru. People are saving up their money for the newest Archon. Within the next month, you will have a new mission and farming to do for Archon if you are lucky enough to get it. 

As the days are passing, the date of release is coming and everyone is excited. Leakers are on their duty to find out as much as they can about the newest Archon. We bring you the most trusted leakers like Uncle J, he gave us just a peek at Nahida’sSkillset, how will she look when you get her? hxg_diluc gave us information about the abilities of Nahida.

Nahida’s skillset

Dandro Archon leaks Providednby Uncle J and hxg-deluic:

Genshin Nahida Banner, Skills
  • Ultimate Elementary mastery, according to Uncle J, Nahida is a supporting character, she will buff up your elementary mastery and increase the buff and elemental reactions for you to provide big damage numbers.
  • Nahidais off-field damage multiplier with the help of her support characteristics.
  • She can play the role of Sub-DPS and support with more constellation.
  • If you are kazuha who already gives you buffs and with increased buff to EM by Nahida will bring you big damage numbers.

Detail view of Nahida’s abilities 

Nahida’s off-field ability is something that will help you utilize your team. At C0, Nahida’s off-field ability will shine and if you get more constitution then you can give her a Sub-DPS role. Dendro archon leak:

Constitution of Nahida:

  • C1 –it will convert Nahida’s ER (energy research) problems.
  • C2 – now you can use her as a Sub-DPS instead of pure off-field support.
  • C4- it will increase Nahida’s support skillset.
  • C6 – now you will have the god Nahida who will make your stream a monster that even Fatui will never mess with you.

More information on Dendro archon leak

The respected leaker in Genshin impact community hxg_dilucis mostly agrees with uncle J’s information on Nahida and most of their claims are very close to each other. Here is the information provided by hxg_diluc in Nahida’s character:

  • Nahida’s abilities in terms of Dandro’s application are very similar to Traveller’s but better. Both of their ability react differently to the elements they mix with. Different elements give different buffs.
  • The area effect of Nahida seems to be massive and AoE will provide give elements bust damage.
  • Like Mona, the newest Archon can provide elemental Damage while moving.

It’s time to save your Primogems because Nahida will be a big buff to teams with elemental mastery. We already have Venti, Zhongli, and Raiden and I feel like Raiden and Nahida will pair up together real nice. As we know electro and Dandro are very strong together. With a Hydro applier or maybe two Hyrdoappliers, Raiden and Nahida’s constant application of their respective elements, it can become a team to defeat everyone with.

Next month update 

There is no official announcement on when can we see Nahida as a playable character but the leakers predict it will be next month’s update, 3.2. It will bring Nahida to us and we can enjoy the grind.

People May Also Ask…

Will the Dendro Archon be playable?

Ans. Yes, Nahida, Dendro archon will be a playable character. There is no official update on how long will it take for Nahida to have her character banner but leakers say she is coming as a playable character in the 3.2 updates.

Is the Dendro Archon alive?

Ans. First Dandro Archon died in the cataclysm that happened five hundred years ago. Rukkhadevatadied while trying to completely erase the forbidden knowledge from Irminsul. Nahida is the second Dandro Archon.


With the help of leakers, we know Nahida will support Archon with the best support skillset in the game. She will be coming in the 3.2 updates and for that, you’ll have to save your Primogems, if you get lucky, you will have the best support in the game.

More information is yet to come and until then we can enjoy our new update and explore the new Sumaru update.