What do the planets mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat remains a great place to interact with friends online, and Snapchat Plus opens up a few more enhancements. One of these is an interesting way to rank and visualize friends’ interactions. But what do the planets mean on Snapchat? Here’s everything you need to know about your friendship solar system.

Quick Answer

If you subscribe to Snapchat Plus, you get a special feature that shows who your top eight friends are by giving them planets in your own ‘Friend Solar System’. Each planet stands for how tight you are with each friend.

What do the planets mean on Snapchat?

The planets on Snapchat Plus represent a unique feature called the Friend Solar System. Here is more about it:

  • You are the Sun: In this feature, you, the user, are considered the Sun.
  • Planets Represent Friends: Each of the eight closest friends in your Snapchat circle is assigned a planet. These planets show how close you are to each friend, with the closest being Mercury and the farthest being Neptune.
  • Order of Planets: The order of the planets follows our real solar system’s order, starting with Mercury and ending with Neptune.
  • Meaning of Each Planet:
    • Mercury: This is the first planet and represents the person you share the most snaps and chats with, essentially your best friend on Snapchat.
    • Venus: The second planet, representing your second closest friend, with whom you also frequently interact.
    • Earth: The third planet, symbolizing your third best friend on the platform.
    • Mars: The fourth planet, indicating your fourth closest friend. The sequence continues with each subsequent planet representing the next closest friend in order, up to the eighth closest friend represented by Neptune.

Each planet is visually distinct and comes with its own set of emojis that revolve around it, adding a fun and personalized touch to your friendship rankings on Snapchat Plus. This feature is a playful way to visualize and celebrate your interactions and relationships within the app.

Summary of All Snapchat Planets

PlanetDescriptionEmoji Representation
MercuryYour top friend, the one you share the most snaps and chats with.A red planet with four red hearts around it
VenusYour second closest friend, with whom you frequently interact.A light brown-colored planet, with yellow, pink, and blue hearts revolving around it
EarthYour third best friend on Snapchat.The same color as the real Earth with a moon, stars, and red hearts around it
MarsRepresents your fourth closest friend.A red planet with stars and purple & blue hearts around their friendmoji
JupiterYour fifth closest friend.
SaturnYour sixth closest friend.Representing your sixth closest friend, Saturn is denoted by an orange planet with a ring and stars around it
UranusYour seventh closest friend.Corresponding to your seventh closest friend, Uranus is represented by a green planet without any hearts around it
NeptuneYour eighth closest friend.

The planets are assigned based on the level of interaction you have with your friends, with Mercury being the closest and Neptune being the farthest. Each planet has a unique emoji representation that revolves around it, adding a personalized touch to your friendship rankings on Snapchat Plus.

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How to see your friends’ solar systems

To see your friends’ solar systems on Snapchat Plus, you can follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to Snapchat Plus: The Friend Solar System feature is only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers.
  2. Go to a Friend’s Profile: Find the friend whose solar system you want to view and go to their profile page.
  3. Look for the Badge: On their Friendship Profile, look for a badge that says ‘Best Friends’ with a gold ring around it.
  4. Tap the Badge: By tapping on this badge, you’ll be able to see which planet you are in their solar system.
  5. Understand the Planets: Each planet represents a different position in their Best Friends list, with Mercury being the closest and Neptune the farthest.

People May Ask

What is the Friend Solar System on Snapchat? 

The Friend Solar System is a feature for Snapchat Plus users that gives each of your top eight friends a planet based on how much you interact with them. You’re the Sun, and the planets range from Mercury for your closest friend to Neptune for your eighth closest.

How does the Friend Solar System work? 

Your closest friends are sorted as planets in your solar system, starting with Mercury for your best friend and ending with Neptune for your eighth closest friend. This ranking follows the actual solar system’s order.

Can I see my own Friend Solar System? 

Yes, if you have Snapchat Plus, you can see your own Friend Solar System, which shows your top friends as planets based on your interactions.

Can I see someone else’s Friend Solar System? 

No, you can’t see another user’s full solar system. But you can see which planet you are in their solar system by looking at the badge on their Friendship Profile.

What do the different planets mean? 

Each planet in your Friend Solar System stands for a level of friendship. Mercury is your closest friend, Venus is the second closest, and so on, up to Neptune.

How can I find out which planet I am in a friend’s solar system? 

Click on the ‘Best Friends’ badge with a gold ring on your friend’s Friendship Profile to see which planet you are in their solar system.

Is the Friend Solar System feature available to all Snapchat users? 

No, the Friend Solar System is only for Snapchat Plus subscribers.

How much does Snapchat Plus cost? 

The price of Snapchat Plus changes depending on where you live. To find out the current cost, check the Snapchat app or their website.

What does the orange planet mean on Snapchat? 

The orange planet usually means Saturn, which is for your sixth closest friend in the Friend Solar System.