Elise Finch Heart Attack

Elise Finch, an American weather presenter, dedicated sixteen years to WCBS-TV, a CBS affiliate in New York. Hailing from Mount Vernon, New York, she pursued higher education at Georgetown University before completing her studies at Syracuse University.

As an active participant in the American Meteorological Society, Finch earned recognition for her significant meteorological work and received the society’s endorsement.

It is widely believed that Finch’s untimely demise was due to a severe heart-related illness, possibly a heart attack or stroke. This belief is supported by various sources. Her acquaintances suspect that her sudden death could have been caused by a significant cardiac event or stroke.

Elise Finch Cause of Death

Elise Finch, who was 51 years old, passed away on July 17, 2023. She had been a weather forecaster at the CBS New York station WCBS-TV for over 16 years. Her colleagues have indicated that her death came as a surprise. The exact cause of her death has not been revealed, but it was certainly unforeseen.

Everyone who knew her was shocked by her sudden death. Her family, friends, and those she interacted with professionally deeply respected and greatly appreciated Finch.

Elise Finch’s Early Life

Elise Finch embarked on her journey at Mount Vernon High School. Subsequently, she followed her passion for meteorology and attained a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from Georgetown University. Furthering her academic pursuits, she obtained a Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University.

Elise Finch Career 

Elise Finch, a prominent American meteorologist, commenced her career in April 2007. Initially, she worked behind the scenes in the meteorological conditions unit at NBC. Later, she transitioned to CBS, where she became a meteorologist and also hosted the “Early Today Show” on both MSNBC and NBC Climate.

Elise’s media journey extended to various outlets. Notably, she anchored the weekly weather report at the CBS station in Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, she contributed to FOX and CBS stations in Youngstown, Ohio. Her meteorological prowess earned her accolades, including Emmy nominations, for her commitment to addressing climate change.

Before her meteorology career, Elise made her mark at E! Entertainment Television, where she facilitated unique events. Her distinctive approach to weather forecasting solidified her reputation as an exceptional meteorologist.

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Elise Finch Husband

Elise Finch was married to Graig Henriques, a photographer. They met at WCBS-TV, where they both worked. Graig, a Syracuse University graduate, has been in the journalism field for over two decades.

Elise and Graig, her true love, exchanged vows more than a decade ago in a beautiful ceremony. They have a daughter named Grace. Elise’s stories about her fulfilling life as a mother were always cherished. Indeed, every moment spent with Elise was precious, and she will be deeply missed.

On Twitter, Moore expressed that Elise was incredibly devoted to her loved ones, straightforward, highly skilled, and had a great sense of humor. Most importantly, she was dedicated to her family, especially her daughter Grace.

Moore affectionately said, “My dear friend, I love you so much. Now, an unparalleled angel resides in heaven.” Elise’s dedication to her profession was evident daily as she covered significant weather events, often outdoors.


Elise Finch’s remarkable career, marked by her dedication and numerous accolades, was tragically cut short, plunging her admirers into grief. Her legacy in meteorology and journalism will remain etched in the hearts of those she touched, as her family copes with this profound sorrow. 

Her Emmy award and contributions to the American Meteorological Society stand as a testament to her lifelong dedication to meteorological science and reporting. In honoring her memory, we recognize the fragility of life and the significant influence she had as an exceptional weather forecaster.

People May Ask

What caused a Lease Finch’s death?

Elise Finch, the beloved CBS meteorologist, passed away suddenly on July 16, 2023, at the age of 51. The exact cause of her death has not been publicly disclosed. 

Some sources speculate that she might have suffered from a major cardiovascular ailment, such as a heart attack or stroke, which led to her instant demise. However, the details remain private.

Who was Elise Finch’s husband?

Elise Finch was married to Graig Henriques, a photojournalist. The couple had been together for nearly 10 years and tied the knot in August 2013. They shared a daughter named Grace, whom they affectionately referred to as “Gracie”.

Was Elise Finch laid to rest?

Elise Finch was laid to rest in an emotional celebration of life ceremony at Macedonia Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, New York. Her sudden passing left her husband, Graig Henriques, and their family heartbroken. Colleagues remembered her as a bright light with a passion for meteorology and people.

Despite her 15-year tenure of working early mornings, Elise was known for disliking them. The cause of her death remains undisclosed.

What nationality is Elise Finch?

Elise Finch was an American television meteorologist. She was born in Mount Vernon, New York, and held American nationality.