Burger King Is Closing These 53 Stores

It becomes difficult for some residents of at least nine states to locate a local Burger King.

According to news sources, the fast-food giant, which has franchisees running restaurants nationwide under the banner of Burger King will shutter up to 400 sites this year.

Burger King enthusiasts will probably be upset with the closure, but this is good as those people might save more money by not eating fast food.

Where are Burger King restaurants shutting down this year? You should check this list to know whether your favourite Burger King is about to disappear in 2023.

1. Michigan

EYM King of Michigan is a Burger King franchisee with over 20 outlets in Michigan, especially within the Detroit metro area.

However, the franchisee shut all its 26 Michigan branches in March and April. Twenty-six sites comprised Detroit and its suburban areas and two locations in Flint.

According to news reports, the locations that closed in Michigan were:

  • Dearborn Heights, 20401 W. Warren
  • Detroit, 2155 Gratiot Ave.
  • Detroit, 9871 Livernois
  • Detroit, 8201 Woodward Ave.
  • Detroit, 18021 Kelly Road
  • Detroit, 20200 Grand River Ave.
  • Detroit, 13600 W. McNichols Road
  • Detroit, 15500 W. Seven Mile
  • Detroit, 20240 Plymouth Road
  • Detroit, 12661 Mack Ave.
  • Detroit, 9239 Gratiot Ave.
  • Detroit, 17440 E. Warren
  • Detroit, 16245 Livernois Ave.
  • Ecorse, 3863 W. Jefferson Ave.
  • Ferndale, 10336 W. Eight Mile Road
  • Flint, 3625 South Dort Highway
  • Flint, 3801 Clio Road
  • Highland Park, 13324 Woodward Ave.
  • Livonia, 28203 Plymouth Road
  • Livonia, 34835 Plymouth Ave.
  • Royal Oak, 31456 Woodward Ave.
  • Southfield, 23660 Telegraph Road
  • Southfield, 30711 Southfield Road
  • Walled Lake, 1113 E. West Maple Road
  • Warren, 2411 E. 8 Mile Road
  • Whitmore Lake, 9774 E. M-36

2. Minnesota

Meridian Restaurants Unlimited was a multi-state Burger King franchisee that filed for bankruptcy in March, causing the shutdown of restaurants throughout numerous states.

Minnesota was among the states most affected. It shut down nine restaurants.

According to news reports, the locations that closed in Minnesota were:

  • Alexandria, 209 Nokomis St.
  • East Grand Forks, 926 Central Ave. Northeast
  • Fergus Falls, 528 Western Ave.
  • Litchfield, 21 Depot St.
  • Long Prairie, 205 Lake St.
  • Montevideo, 586 SW. First St.
  • Redwood Falls, 516 E. Bridge St.
  • Moorhead, 100 21st St. N.
  • Willmar, 1611 US-12

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3. Utah

The state of Utah was also adversely affected by Meridian Restaurants Unlimited’s bankruptcy filing.

According to news reports, the locations that closed in Utah were:

  • Heber, 171 E. Gateway Drive
  • Sandy, 7810 S. 1300 E.
  • Sandy, 10235 S. State St.
  • Clearfield, 729 N. Main St.
  • Lehi, 1466 E. 3500 North
  • Saratoga Springs, 119 E. Crossroads Blvd.
  • Draper, 147 E. Bangerter Highway
  • Roy, 5390 S. 1900 West
  • Salt Lake City, 1660 W. North Temple St.

4. Montana

Meridian Restaurants Unlimited closed down three Burger King restaurants in Montana.

According to news reports, the locations that closed in Montana were:

  • Lewistown, 1422 W. Main St.
  • Billings, 520 N. 27th St.
  • Columbia Falls, MT, 1211 9th St. W.

Only the Burger Kings in Lewistown and Columbia Falls were present in those towns. However, Billings has other spots for residents to visit.

5. Nebraska

In Nebraska, three Burger King restaurants shut down after filing for bankruptcy by Meridian Restaurants Unlimited.

According to some reports, the places that closed in Nebraska were:

  • 3627 S. Lincoln Ave., York
  • 4230 N. 27th St., Lincoln
  • 2504 O St., Lincoln

6. Kansas

Meridian also shuttered a store in Kansas when it filed for bankruptcy in April.

2201 E. Kansas Ave., McPherson, KS, was near Interstate 135 in central Kansas, which is approximately an hour’s drive from North of Wichita.

7. North Dakota

Manufacturers in North Dakota also lost a location in Grand Forks, 3765 Gateway Drive, due to Meridian’s bankruptcy.

8. Wyoming

1902 Mountain View Drive was Cody’s Burger King. It also fell victim to the Meridian bankruptcy.


It may be that your neighbourhood Burger King will close shop this year, considering rumours of additional closures coming up.

Be sure to check your Burger King to see if it survives the beating. Moreover, if your favourite place fails, see it as a chance for you to clip coupons once again and save some money on groceries so that you can make home hamburgers in your kitchen.

People May Also Ask

Why is Burger King closed?

Kobuza said, “We closed older and lower performing restaurants to support a more modern system increasingly run by better operators.”

How many Burger King stores are available?

The Burger King system runs over 18,700 restaurants in over 100 countries and U.S. territories.

How many Burger Kings are shutting down in Michigan?

26 restaurants were already closed in Michigan, and Burger King plans to shutter up to 400 U.S. restaurants by the end of 2023.

Is Burger King still profitable?

The 2022 financial year revenue of the American global fast food chain Burger King amounted to around 1.9 billion U.S dollars.

Is Burger King larger than McDonald’s?

1955 and 1954 are the years when McDonald’s and Burger King began their franchise food business. 1 McDonald’s has always been the bigger company. However, each firm undoubtedly had an impact on the other during their rivalry spanning over six decades.

Who sold Burger King?

In 2002, Diageo got rid of Burger King by selling it to private equity financiers, including the Texas Pacific Group, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners. 3G Capital, a controlling investment group owned by billionaire Brazilian Jorge Paulo Lemann, purchased the firm in 2010 through a leveraged buyout.

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