Where is the souvenir shop in liyue?

Genshin players will have to make a decision between 2 choices if they want to locate the Souvenir Shop. Both may be located, one in Liyue and the second in Mondstadt. It must be understood that certain stores only accept special currencies found in their local regions. So you won’t be able to use Mora money to buy anything! Let’s know more about: Where is the souvenir shop in Liyue?

Liyue Souvenir Shop!

You can find the store Mingjin Jewelry on the main street in Liyue. The store’s whereabouts are shown on the map by the gemstone emblem.

  Jewelry Store Mingjin

MoraGunyun Luminous SandsVarunada Lazurite Sliver
Vayuda Turquoise SliverVajrada Amethyst SliverGrain of Aerosiderite
Northlander Catalyst BilletNorthlander Polearm BilletShivada Jade Sliver
Northlander Bow BilletMemory of Immovable CrystalsPrithiva Topaz Sliver
Mist Veiled Lead ElixirNorthlander Claymore BilletAgnidus Agate Silver
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Mondstadt Souvenir Stores!

You will see the store With Breeze Comes Glory on the main path to the Mondstadt entrance. The eatery is located across the street.

Shop With Wind Comes Glory

Shivada Jade SliverBoreal Wolf’s Milk ToothVayuda Turquoise Sliver
Fetters of the Dandelion GladiatorMemory of Roving GalesNorthlander Sword Billet
Prithiva Topaz SliverVarunada Lazurite SliverTile of Decarabian’s Tower
Agnidus Agate SliverVajrada Amethyst SliverMora

Both gift stores sell character upgrading mats, weapon ascension mats, and other items. They will not tolerate Mora, as earlier mentioned, and would demand:

  • For the Mondstadt Gift Shop, Anemo Sigils.
  • Geoglyphs for the Liyue Gift Shop.

By looking for Monuments of the Eight or hidden behind rocks, you can find Anemo & Geo Sigils in both locations. You will find tiny fossils in shimmering rocks as you tour the globe.

When you interact with them, you may get Sigils specific to the area you are presently in. Googling “chests” and “Oculi” may yield some.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where is the souvenir shop in liyue genshin impact?

The Liyue Souvenir Shop is located at Liyue Harbor to the south of the Teleportation Waypoint. Xingxi is the proprietor of the Liyue Souvenir store.

Does Liyue have a Souvenir Shop?

It is situated right in the middle of Liyue. Geo sigils are accepted here in return for Agnidus Agate Sliver.

Where is the Mingxing jewelry shop in Liyue?

The Mingxing Jewelry Souvenir Shop is conveniently located near Liyue Harbor. Only Geo Sigils can be utilized to buy goods from this shop.


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