Surviving The Snow

Surviving The Snow


Winters in the north can be brutal and so many of us have experienced getting stuck in our homes due to a blizzard, or stuck in our cars in the cold. Here are some ways to survive the snow.

Keep a “snow survivor” kit in your car

Be prepared when in your vehicle. Always keep an extra phone charger in your car. The most important thing you should have in your car during the winter is a survival kit. Here are some of the things I keep in my car, along with things that friends and family have told me they keep in their car. A large heavy blanket or sleeping bag, to keep you warm if your car stops running. An extra change of warm clothes, in case you get covered in snow trying to dig your car out of a snow drift. Emergency flares, in case of white out conditions, other drivers may not be able to see you. Regular first aid kit, in case you have been in an accident and someone in your car or another car needs minor medical attention.

Flashlight, in case it is dark outside and you need to see. Keep a bag of goodies in your trunk such as chips and non perishable snacks. Don’t forget to keep a few bottles of water in your car, not in the trunk where it is more likely to freeze. Sand or cat littler, you can place this beneath your tires to get some traction on ice or in snow so that you are able to get un-stuck. Small hand shovel, so that you can work on digging your way out. Last but not least make sure you keep things to entertain you or your children while you are waiting to be rescued such as books, games, portable dvd player, etc.

Keep a “snow survivor” kit in your home

Keep these things in your home in case you get snowed-in. Candles, in case your power goes out. Flashlight, in case your power goes out. Batteries, in case your flashlight dies. Make sure that you have enough food in your home to last you and your family up to 3 weeks in case of a long-term snow-in situation. If you are close with any of your neighbors, buying walkie-talkies and keeping two in each home is also a good idea so that you can communicate with each other once your cell phone batteries die.

Again, make sure that you have plenty of games and other things to entertain you and your family. One of the most important things you can keep in your home in case of an emergency such as a snow-in would have to be a battery powered radio. This way you can find out what is going on outside of your home if the power does go out. Always keep plenty of extra blankets in your home, and matches or lighters.