Many brides spend more than a year planning their wedding. With so many details to think about, and so many people volunteering their opinions, it’s no wonder that many brides find themselves feeling frustrated, burnt out, and overwhelmed with wedding worries. Here are some solutions for stressed out brides.

Take a Break

Unless the wedding is tomorrow, there is time to take a break from wedding planning. Taking even one day off to relax and think about something other than hairstyles, favors and first dances can ease stress levels immediately. As well, time alone can give brides fresh insight into what’s most important to them about the wedding, and what isn’t worth losing sleep over.

Talk to the Groom

A wedding is about uniting two people, but it’s often one person who gets stuck worrying about the details. Quite often it’s the bride who is under a lot of pressure to plan a spectacular wedding, while the groom is given the advice to “just show up”. Assigning some tasks to the groom can relieve wedding stress for the bride, and keep the groom involved in wedding planning.


Some people might think it’s the bride’s big day, but that doesn’t mean that other people can’t help out! The bridal party, friends and family from both sides are often very willing to help get things accomplished. Delegating the workload gets more tasks accomplished in less time, leaving the bride more able to enjoy the wedding planning process.

Talk to Other Brides

Message boards can be a great place for brides to vent when wedding stress becomes too much. They also provide a venue where brides can find others at the same stage of planning, or who can offer solutions and empathy. The forums at The Knot and are just two discussion communities on the web.

Get Professional Help

More and more brides are hiring wedding planners to help them reduce their wedding stress. A wedding planner is a great option for brides with limited time, who are feeling overwhelmed, or who are planning a wedding at a distance. Whether a bride needs assistance the day of, the week before, or for many months leading up to her wedding day, wedding planners offer packages tailored to any bride’s requirements and budget.


Many brides and grooms realize during the planning process that they don’t want a huge wedding after all. Some couples decide to scale back their wedding to a more intimate affair, and some run away to get married in complete privacy. This option isn’t for everyone (especially if deposits have already been paid), but if wedding planning stress has reached intolerable levels, it might be something to consider.