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Fans are really excited to see what happens next in Sing 3! The last movie came out over six months ago, and it was all about Buster Moon, who is a koala that can do anything. He had all these amazing animal acts in his theater, and the movie had a lot of happy and sad moments, just like we expected.

But now, Buster’s theater is in big trouble, and it might have to close. So, Buster comes up with a clever plan to save it. He decides to have a singing contest, and guess what? It’s a big hit! In the second movie, Buster was trying to get a famous rock star to perform, and in general, Sing is a really positive series.

Whenever there’s a problem, the characters always find a way to fix it and become even stronger.

So, it’s a great series that both kids and grown-ups will enjoy!

Sing 3 Release Date

We don’t have a date yet for Sing 3, the next movie in the Sing series. The people who make the movies, Illumination Entertainment, haven’t officially said when it will come out. But we’ve heard some rumors we can talk about.

Sing 2 came out on December 22nd, 2021. You can watch it at home if you have Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video, and it’s also on YouTube.

The first two Sing movies had about five years between them, but we really hope we don’t have to wait that long for Sing 3. Matthew McConaughey, the actor who plays Buster Moon, gave an interview where he hinted at some exciting new things for the next movie.

But in February 2023, we still didn’t have any official news about when it will be released. Some people think it might come out in 2026, but that’s just a guess.

Matthew McConaughey talked about how his character Buster Moon could do some fun things like dancing, singing, whistling, or humming in Sing 3. He even mentioned talking to the director of Sing 2, Garth, about it.

So, it sounds like the people who work on the Sing movies are thinking about what might happen in Sing 3. They’re probably talking about the story and what the characters might do next. And because the first two movies were so popular, there’s a good chance we’ll get to see another one in the future.

Sing 3 Cast

In Sing 3, all the familiar voices we love from the previous movies will be back! Matthew McConaughey will still be the voice of Buster Moon, but he might do some things a little differently this time. Reese Witherspoon will still be Rosita, Scarlett Johansson will be Ash, Taron Egerton will voice Johnny, Bobby Cannavale is Jimmy Crystal, Yory Kelly will take over for Meena, Nick Kroll will still look after Gunter, Pharrell Williams will be Alfonso again, and Halsey will provide the voice for Porsha Crystal.

The Sing movies are super popular, and we all can’t wait to see what happens next. The first two movies were awesome and taught us some great lessons. So, we’re all hoping that Sing 3 will be just as amazing, or maybe even better. Who knows, it might surprise us with some new characters and a whole new story.

Sing 3 Plot

In Sing 2, the second movie in the series, Buster and his friends go to Redshore City for a big show. But the big boss of the entertainment world, Jimmy Crystal, isn’t too impressed with them. Meanwhile, Gunter, one of their friends, comes up with a different show idea involving Clay Calloway, a musician who disappeared for 15 years.

After Crystal sees Gunter’s idea and likes it, he gives Buster and his crew a deadline to finish their show. Ash, one of their friends, convinces Calloway, who was a bit unsure at first, to join them. Buster faces some challenges along the way, but in the end, they all succeed. At the end of the movie, a famous theater shows interest in their show, which means their journey will continue.

In the big theater performance in “Sing 3,” Buster and his friends might start a new adventure. After facing lots of challenges, Buster wins in Redshore City. In the third movie of the series, he might want to keep the show’s success going in a new place.

We could see Ash and Meena dealing with their own challenges too. And even if the bad guy, Crystal, gets caught, he might come back to cause trouble for Buster. Most importantly, we hope that in the third movie, Buster will keep teaching us how to be experts at staying positive and overcoming any problem.

Where Can You Watch Sing 3?

We might hear about Sing 3 in 2023, considering that the first Sing movie came out in 2016, and they didn’t announce the sequel until 2017. If they follow a similar pattern, Sing 3 might come out in 2026, but fans are probably hoping it’ll be sooner.

Sing 2, which came out in theaters at the end of 2021, will probably be on Netflix in 2022 (at least in the United States). It’s expected to be available in June 2022. Here’s why Sing 2 is likely to be on Netflix, along with when you can expect it.


Lots of people liked this movie! On Rotten Tomatoes, 72% of the audience liked it. On Metacritic, 49% of people liked it, and on IMDb, it got a score of 7.1 out of 10.

Sing 3 Trailer

Right now, there isn’t a trailer for Sing 3.

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