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Today’s article is about why FedEx sometimes has trouble delivering packages on time. We’ll talk about the problems causing these delays, what you can do about it, and sum it up at the end.

FedEx is a well-known company that delivers packages really quickly all around the world. They use planes, boats, and trucks to get packages to different parts of the world. People and businesses trust FedEx to get their important stuff where it needs to go.

The company is trying really hard to reach its goals, which is delivering as many packages as possible to their destinations.

But, even though they do a good job and manage to deliver 85% of the packages all over the world, there are still some problems that cause delays for the remaining 15% of packages.

One of the main reasons for these delays could be something called an ‘Operational Delay.’

What Is FedEx Operational Delay

FedEx Operational Delay

FedEx Operational Delay is a term used to explain when there are problems with an order that cause it to be delayed.

In simpler terms, it means that your order might take longer to get to you because there are issues that the company can’t control.

When you see “Operational Delay” on your FedEx tracking, it means something unexpected is happening, and it’s making it difficult to get your package to you on time.

Operational delays can happen at various places and times when your package is on its way. Here are some common reasons for these delays:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Strikes by workers
  • Shipping to places with problems
  • Inspections at international borders
  • Equipment not working
  • Not enough planes available
  • Traffic jams at ports
  • Not enough staff
  • Delays during transfer

And, in addition to these, the Russia-Ukraine War can also cause delays in getting your order to you.

Can problems make FedEx deliveries slower?

Yes, when there’s an operational delay, it often means you have to wait longer to get your package.

This can be frustrating for customers and can affect how much they trust FedEx.

But it’s important to know that FedEx is trying to fix these issues. Sometimes, it takes time to sort out operational delays, especially if they’re really bad.

Usually, these problems get fixed within 7 to 10 days. The company is working hard to make these delays shorter.

You can also check FedEx’s Service Alerts page to see if there are any recent updates about delays.

How Long Does It Take to Fix FedEx Operational Delays?

When you send something with FedEx, whether it’s to a nearby place or far away, you want it to arrive on time.

Usually, FedEx can get your package to local cities or states in less than a day, and it takes 1-2 business days for international deliveries.

But sometimes, there are delays. These can happen because of things that are out of control, or because of problems in how FedEx works.

The problems that are part of how FedEx works can take more time to fix. First, they have to figure out what’s causing the problem, and then they can start fixing it. This process takes time.

Not all problems take a really long time to fix. Some can be sorted out in just a few days. However, FedEx Ground deliveries might be delayed for up to 10 days, and in extreme cases, it could take up to a month to fix the issue (depending on how serious it is).

What Causes FedEx Operational Delays?

There are several things that can make FedEx deliveries slow down. The biggest reasons are often not having enough workers and when machines used for deliveries have problems.

These issues can take some time to fix, which means customers have to wait longer for their packages.

But FedEx has a good system in place. They let customers know right away if there’s an operational delay and what the problem is.

You can also check the FedEx website to see updates on how they’re working to fix the delays.

Sometimes, at FedEx, there are things that can make your package take longer to arrive. Here are some common reasons:

  • Your package is waiting to get on a ship, plane, or truck.
  • There are a lot more packages to deliver because of COVID-19.
  • Your package hasn’t been loaded onto the delivery truck yet.
  • It’s taking a while to pass your package to the local delivery person.

Operational delays at FedEx happen when they have problems with their delivery system. This can be because they don’t have all the right things in place, they’re not doing things quickly enough, or they miss out on some small but important details that cause big problems later on.

What to Do When Your FedEx Order Has a Delay?

If you see “Operational Delay” in the delivery update, you can click on “Get Status Update” to find out more about what’s happening with your order. This will tell you where and why it’s delayed.

You can also call FedEx customer service at 1 (800) 463-3339. They will talk to you and give you more information about why your package is late and when you can expect to receive it.


In conclusion, think of FedEx operational delays like big, gray clouds that hang in the sky for a while. These clouds can make it tough to finish delivering packages. These delays can happen anywhere during the FedEx delivery process, and that means you might have to wait for a while to get your package.

People May Ask

What does “Operational Delay” mean?

An “operational delay” occurs when there is a slowdown in the FedEx delivery process. It could be due to various reasons such as issues at the package’s origin, delays at intermediate stops, or hold-ups just before the package reaches your door. In simple terms, it means that FedEx is experiencing some challenges with its delivery operations.

What causes operational delays?

Operational delays can happen for several reasons:

  • Incorrect recipient address: If the recipient’s address is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Missing address information: This includes buzzer codes or apartment numbers.
  • Other events: Various factors like weather conditions, local facility disruptions, or clearance procedures can lead to delays.

Despite these challenges, most operational delays are resolved within 1-3 days, but exceptional cases may take longer.

How can I handle an operational delay?

If your package status shows “Operational delay,” follow these steps:

  • Stay informed: Keep an eye on regular status updates.
  • Contact FedEx: If additional information or action is required, FedEx may reach out to the relevant party.
  • File a claim: If the package status remains unchanged, file a claim for a lost shipment based on the specific time frame:
    • For FedEx Express® Intra-Canada and International Shipments: File a claim after 7 calendar days.
    • For FedEx Ground® Intra-Canada shipments: File a claim after 7 calendar days.
    • For FedEx Ground® International shipments: File a claim after 30 calendar days.
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