If you noticed recently, Instagram has become more prevalent in recent years. Every other person is making reels, buying stuff off Insta, and stalking their ex. For businesses, Instagram has become one of the most used platforms worldwide, with over 100 million people using Instagram shopping. 

With Eid around the corner, businesses must utilize this platform fully. We have compiled a list of strategies for your business that will promote it to the audience and convince them to buy from you! So let’s check them out.

Boost up

Upgrade your posts into ads by boosting them up. Sure, this may sound like a heavy investment at first, especially if you are a well-established brand, but trust us, the investment will be worth it.

The Instagram algorithms help you reach the right people at the right time. You can choose your target audience, your target region, and even the time you want to run your ad. Select your most running products or Eid specials and boost them so people find your page.

Focus on Eid-centric products

If you know anything about Eid, you would know its importance and how people go crazy while shopping for Eid. They want new clothes, shoes, and even new accessories, so for any business, it is truly a time to generate significant revenue. 

People tend to like products more that are season-centric or trending. You can introduce a special Eid range, or Eid deals, offer Eid discounts, and see how people start ordering from you. Because let’s face it, the more (shopping) the merrier.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags will always be around. Instagram users and businesses know the power of the right hashtags and how people will be searching #eidmubarak or #eiddeals when it approaches. 

Find the trending hashtags, ensure all your posts include those hashtags, and see your number of viewers and followers rising. Creating a unique hashtag for your business also does wonders, as people love to tag and show off.

Instagram reels

There was a time when reels did not exist; honestly, we don’t miss it. Every social media platform has introduced reels, which is how we know they work. 

So instead of just marketing your product through pictures and regular video shoots, try captivating reel ideas that make any Instagram user click your page. Your reels should be attractive and gripping, so don’t hesitate to think out of the box. Add a visually pleasing effect to your reels using Eid graphics.

Create eye-catching graphics

Do not underestimate the power of terrific graphics. The first thing that attracts any customer is the presentation of the product and how to choose to show it. It may be a plain dress, but you can make it look like the best dress with cute designs and beautiful templates! 

Make your Instagram stories more attractive using PosterMyWall’s Instagram story templates. These templates have been a game-changer as they help you save time. They have a wide range of options; you can edit it however you want.

Engage Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers have taken the world by storm, and they are everywhere! These Instagram-made ‘celebrities’ are followed by hundreds of thousands of people who look at them and religiously do what they tell them. So if you collaborate with influencers whose audience suits you, your business will surely flourish. 

Tip: Find people with organic followers to reach the maximum target audience.


Giveaways are another exciting way to raise your page’s reach and followers. When you announce a giveaway, even people who don’t need to get the product want to win the product. And especially with Eid around the corner, who would mind a free hamper (NOT US). Just announce a giveaway before Eid with products that will attract many followers. People will follow you and make their friends follow you for that special free giveaway!

Be actively consistent

Last but not least, consistency is what turns any business into a success. You must consistently post product pictures, update daily stories, publish client reviews, and engage with your followers. 

Doing so is highly important, as people tend to need clarification when they shop online, so if you are consistent and they see you all the time, there are more chances that they will buy from you!

Promoting may sound easy, but it is one hell of a task. These eight strategies are all you need to promote your business this Eid season. Try them now to see how well they work for your business, and you can thank us later.

Written by: Raahim Jamshed

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