Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. is reported to have filed a patent application related to the means of regenerating failing ovaries by using a type of stem cell the is extracted from the own tissues of patients.

It is a kind of technology that utilizes cells of bone marrow and used in the generation of new blood vessels that is called as “Endothelial Progenitor Cells” (EPC), which is either used alone or in combination with mesenchymal and other stem cells to treat scar tissue.

Creative Medical Technology Holdings is looking forward for the application of the clinical-stage autologous bone marrow stem cell experiences to patients who are suffering of Premature Ovarian Failure.

It is said Premature Ovarian Failure results with accelerated rate of menopause and it affects 1 in 100 women below 40 years of age.

Until now there is no effective treatment for the condition.

According to CEO and President of the company, Timothy Warbington, presently they are experimenting on the Premature Ovarian Failure condition and following initial success wider aspects will be addressed.

The company believes their new technology is estimated to reach more than 20 billion dollars annually.

Company’s board member Dr. Thomas Ichim said Creative Medical Technology Holdings is looking forward in creating series of regenerative medicine based products to overcome problems like human fertility and to maintain a successful pregnancy.