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The famous “John Pork is calling” joke came back on the internet and became super popular on TikTok almost six years after people first saw it. According to Know Your Meme, this funny character started on Instagram in 2018, using the username @/john.pork.

The meme character, known as John Pork, is a virtual influencer. He looks like a pig with a human body and a pig’s head, but we do not know who is behind this character.

People started liking him in 2018 when he shared pictures and videos on Instagram. He mostly posted pictures of himself in famous places and videos that were made using computer programs.

In 2018, some people on Reddit thought that John Pork might actually be a YouTuber named Technoblade in real life, but nobody could prove it.

Recently, John Pork became famous again because of TikTok. People started sharing videos of themselves pretending to get a call from John Pork. It is funny because they act surprised when they get the call, and people online are wondering if they should answer it.

This TikTok-calling meme also led to people making more jokes about John Pork. Some TikTok accounts even claim to be the real John Pork, but we do not know for sure who is really behind the character.

While the meme character was getting much attention online, there were stories going around that he had died in Atlanta. People on Twitter were talking about it.

However, some folks said that these stories were not true and that the influencer was okay. We do not have any official information about whether he is okay or where he is right now. People are just guessing and talking about it online.

Online Users Respond to Popular John Pork Calling Meme Amidst Death Rumors

People online talk about the famous character John Pork, who became popular in 2018 and is now getting famous again because of a funny TikTok meme.

As videos of John Pork calling people on TikTok became popular, many people on Twitter shared their thoughts about these funny videos.

However, while this online trend was happening, some people said that John Pork had passed away in Atlanta. However, others said that this was not true and that John Pork was okay.

There is no official information about what is going on with John Pork, so people are just guessing and talking about it online.

“John Pork is calling” meme on TikTok

John Pork became famous on the internet in 2018 by showing his funny “pig-man” appearance in pictures and videos. Recently, he became popular again on TikTok.

Earlier this month, a video was made using a Capcut template where John Pork pretends to call the person watching the meme. A TikTok user named @/rover.joe first posted this video on March 21, and it got over 6 million views in a week.

This calling video started to have many different versions, and it led to lots of jokes and funny templates. People who create content online also made skits about getting a call from John Pork, and some even pretended to be the “real John Pork.”

Some news depicts that the real John from Instagram was shocked by his sudden fame. Even though he does not have a TikTok account, he knows that he is popular on TikTok.

He went on Instagram to post a bunch of stories to say thank you to people for sharing the funny memes. He also mentioned that he got a lot of new followers on Instagram because of his TikTok fame.

Some FAQs

Who is John Pork?

John Pork is a computer-made pig that looks like he is part human and part pig. He first showed up on Instagram with the username @john.pork. The person who made him posted pictures of John in different places, even taking selfies at famous spots.

Why is John Pork calling me?

People started a trend where they used an iPhone to make it look like John Pork was calling them. Even though John Pork does not talk, people on TikTok and Instagram really like the idea of a guy with a pig head.

Where did John Pork come from?

John Pork was born in Canada in 1992. He did not always look like a pig; he was just really unattractive. He got bullied a lot when he was young, which made him feel bad about how he looked.

Why is John Pork a thing?

In 2018, John Pork became famous on the internet when he showed everyone his “pig-man” look in pictures and videos. He became popular again recently on TikTok.

Who was John Pork killed by?

Some reports say that John Pork was shot and killed at a club in Atlanta. They say a famous rapper and gang leader named Big E. Cheese did it.

How do you summon John Pork?

To make John Pork appear, you just need 3 pieces of cheese, 2 apples, and a flamingo. Put the cheese and apples in a circle, step inside it, and that is how you “summon” him.

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