TikTok words and what they mean - Tech Preview

Here’s a simple guide that explains all the cool words people use on TikTok, like DC, IB, and FYP.

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1 A simple guide to TikTok words and what they mean

A simple guide to TikTok words and what they mean

Just like Twitter and Instagram have their own trendy words, TikTok users also have some fun phrases. From words like ‘Heather’ to special TikTok terms like FYP, IB, and DC, here’s a list of important and popular words and shortcuts from TikTok that you should know.”

FYP Meaning on TikTok

It’s not too complicated. When you see #FYP all over TikTok, it stands for ‘For You Page.’ The FYP is the main feed you see when you open the app. Instead of showing you videos from the people you follow, the FYP shows you popular, trending, and random videos that you might enjoy, based on what you like.”

CEO Meaning on TikTok

Well, on TikTok, CEO means the same as in the real world: Chief Executive Officer. When someone is called ‘CEO of’ something on TikTok, it means they’re really, really good at it. Like, they’re the top boss of that thing, whether it’s dance challenges, leaving comments, or going viral.”

PFP Meaning on TikTok

PFP is an easy one – it stands for ‘profile picture.'”

POV Meaning on TikTok

POV means the same on TikTok as in real life – Point of View. People use it in captions and on-video words to show that you’re supposed to see things from your own perspective when you watch.

OOMF Meaning on TikTok

OOMF is short for ‘One Of My Followers.’ People mostly use it on TikTok and Twitter.”

Heather Meaning on TikTok

“Heather” has different meanings on TikTok. First, it comes from the ’80s movie called ‘Heathers,’ where they were wealthy and popular but not very nice. So, being a Heather can be a bit negative. In 2020, it got a new meaning from Conan Gray’s song.

If someone calls you a Heather, it means you’re really beautiful, attractive, and they wish they could be like you.”

IB Meaning on TikTok

When you spot ‘IB’ in a TikTok caption, it means the video got its inspiration from another famous video. The person who made the first video will often be tagged along with those two letters.”

DC Meaning on TikTok

When you see ‘DC’ in a TikTok caption, it means the person is giving credit to the original creator of a popular dance or challenge. They usually tag the creator’s username with those two letters.”

Alt Meaning on TikTok

Alt TikTok is one of the different parts of TikTok. It’s where quirky Gen Z users who like memes and funny stuff hang out. In Alt TikTok, you can also find other TikTok ‘sides’ like Frog TikTok and Fairy Comment TikTok.”

Straight Meaning on TikTok

Straight TikTok is one of the main parts of TikTok. It’s where you see a lot of popular dances and content from famous TikTok groups like the Hype House. In simple words, it’s the more popular and mainstream side of TikTok.”

Finger emojis Meaning on TikTok

When you use the ‘two fingers touching’ emojis, it’s like saying you’re feeling ‘shy.’ It’s as if you’re nervously twiddling your fingers together. People sometimes use these emojis along with the watery eye emoji to show they’re feeling extra nervous.”

#xyzbca Meaning on TikTok

The #xyzbca hashtag is like a trendy tag that people use on TikTok to try and get more people to watch their videos, similar to #FYP and #ForYouPage. But, to be honest, it doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just a bunch of letters put together.”

Shifting Meaning on TikTok

Shifting, also known as reality shifting, is a technique to make your mind enter a ‘new reality.’ It began on Reddit and is now popular on TikTok. To shift, you lie down and imagine a different world you want to experience. It’s a bit like meditation, making things happen, and lucid dreaming combined. People say it feels like having a super-realistic and vivid dream.”

‘Ratio’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Ratio’ is a word people use a lot on social media, including TikTok, and it’s mostly about comments. If your comment gets ‘ratioed’ on TikTok, it means it has more replies than likes. Usually, this happens when people don’t like your comment, so getting ratioed isn’t a good thing.”

‘Simp’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Simp’ originally meant a guy who would do anything for a woman in the hope of dating or having a relationship. But on TikTok, it’s not as harsh. People now use it to playfully admit they really like or admire someone, like a celebrity or someone they have a crush on.

Shadowbanned Meaning on TikTok

Shadowbanned means that TikTok quietly limits your content without telling you. Your videos might not show up in searches, and fewer people will see them, only your followers. You might realize you’re shadowbanned on TikTok if your views suddenly drop. This can also happen on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.”

Brain emoji Meaning on TikTok

On TikTok, the brain emoji has a somewhat adult meaning. It’s used to talk about oral sex, like ‘giving head.’ It became popular because of a video that talked about how doctors could tell if you’ve done it based on the roof of your mouth. Now, it’s one of those emojis with a secret message.”

‘Caught In 4k’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Caught in 4k’ means recording someone’s reaction or what they do in a situation with a really clear camera. People have been using this phrase on TikTok for some time, and it’s become more popular, especially in situations where guys fall for the ‘Hey Lol’ audio challenge.

They play a song that might surprise others, and those reactions are recorded ‘in 4k’ by someone else.”

‘Accountant’ Meaning on TikTok

On TikTok, there’s a song called “I’m an accountant” that people use in a funny way. They play it when they want to avoid answering questions about their job or where they get their money. They say “nobody asks questions when you say you’re an accountant.”

The song was first made by Rocky Paterra, who used it when he was an actor trying to avoid questions. Later, people like sex workers or those with OnlyFans accounts started using it too.”

‘Sheesh’ Meaning on TikTok

You might have noticed many TikTokers or comments using ‘sheesh’ a lot on TikTok lately. This word is used to show you’re impressed or to express surprise or frustration.”

‘ASL’ Meaning on TikTok

‘ASL’ is not new on TikTok; it’s a common internet term for ‘age, sex, location.’ However, some TikTok users also use it to say something is ‘as hell.'”

‘Mutuals/Moots’ Meaning on TikTok

When you see ‘mutuals’ (or ‘moots’ for short), it means someone is talking about their followers who also follow them back.”

‘Bussin’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Bussin’ is a word often used on TikTok, and it means something is really, really good.”

‘Valid’ Meaning on TikTok

You might know ‘valid’ as something that’s okay or makes sense, but in social media slang, it means something is excellent or of high quality.”

‘Cheugy’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Cheugy’ is a word for things that are no longer trendy, especially millennial trends. It’s a bit like calling something basic or out of style. Some examples are things like saying ‘girlboss,’ using Harry Potter stuff, Ugg slippers, going to Disney as an adult, posing in front of murals for Instagram photos, and Eos lip balms.”

‘Sneaky Link’ Meaning on TikTok

A ‘Sneaky Link’ is what it sounds like – it’s when people secretly meet up or hook up with someone. There’s even a TikTok song called ‘Sneaky Link’ by HXLLYWOOD.”

‘Face Card’ Meaning on TikTok

Lately, you might hear ‘Face Card’ on TikTok and Twitter, and it has a couple of meanings. On social media, it means you’re really good-looking, and people use it to say you’ve always been attractive. They post selfies with captions like ‘face card always valid’ or ‘face card never declined.’

In street slang, it means your reputation and that people respect you.”

‘Fruity’ Meaning on TikTok

On TikTok, ‘Fruity’ is a word used to talk about someone who’s part of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s not a new word, and some might find it offensive, but Gay TikTok is using it in a positive way to describe themselves. It got popular after a TikTok user named Mattie (@westbrouck) explained it in a viral video.”

‘4Lifers’ Meaning on TikTok

‘4Lifers’ got famous on TikTok because of a video by @boobackbaby. It had rapper Lucki saying ‘what we is? 4lifersss!’ It means a group of friends, siblings, or family who will always be in each other’s lives forever. People might also use ‘4L’ on some social media.”

‘BBL’ Meaning on TikTok

You might have seen videos about ‘BBL’ on TikTok lately, but what’s it about? ‘BBL’ stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, which is a surgery. They take fat from one part of your body and put it in your butt to make it bigger. People on TikTok are showing their before-and-after pictures after having this cosmetic surgery.”

‘Hot Girl Summer’ Meaning on TikTok

You might already know what ‘Hot Girl Summer’ means, but it’s making a big comeback in 2021. It’s a phrase coined by Megan Thee Stallion, and it’s all about feeling confident, having fun, looking great, not caring about what others think, and living your best life without worrying about being in a relationship.”

‘AS/Adult Swim’ Meaning on TikTok

The ‘Adult Swim’ trend is becoming popular on TikTok. People are making their own ‘bumpers’ that look like the ones from the Cartoon Network’s adult-themed block called ‘Adult Swim.’ They film themselves in different places and add a caption or ‘adult swim’ to it. They usually use hashtags like #AdultSwim or #AS.”

‘ALR’ Meaning on TikTok

ALR can mean different things online, but on TikTok, it’s mostly used to say ‘alright.’ People also use the #ALR hashtag on their popular videos to try to get more views.”

‘YT’ Meaning on TikTok

If you’ve seen ‘YT’ on your For You Page and thought it meant YouTube, you’re not alone. But actually, ‘YT’ is slang for ‘white,’ and it’s used to talk about someone’s race or skin color.”

‘TVA’ Meaning on TikTok

If you’re wondering about ‘TVA’ on TikTok and who The TVA is, it’s related to Disney+’s Loki series. ‘TVA’ stands for Time Variance Authority, which is a made-up organization in the Marvel universe. They watch over and protect the timeline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

‘Looted’ Meaning on TikTok

The word ‘looted’ became popular thanks to TikTok user @chasinn.loot. It’s a word like ‘drip’ or ‘swag’ that describes someone’s outfit or style. A lot of @chasinn.loot’s videos also use a part of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s song ‘I Don’t Know’.”

‘BMS’ Meaning on TikTok

‘BMS’ on TikTok stands for ‘broke my scale.’ But it’s not about weight; it’s about attractiveness. People use it when they want to say someone is incredibly good-looking.”

‘KLM’ Meaning on TikTok

‘KLM’ has a couple of meanings. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s like saying ‘calm,’ meaning everything is fine or okay. It’s also the name of a Dutch airline, but they’re not on TikTok. There’s a parody account that sometimes makes fun of an Irish airline called Ryanair.”

‘Sizing Up’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Sizing up’ usually means forming an opinion about someone or something. But on TikTok, it has a different, and not a very nice, meaning. In slang, it can refer to when a guy looks at a girl’s thighs to see if she’s ready for a sexual encounter.”

‘DNI’ Meaning on TikTok

If you’ve come across ‘DNI’ on TikTok, it stands for ‘Do Not Interact.’ People use it mainly when they share adult or NSFW content not meant for those under 18. It’s a way to say they won’t talk to underage users and to give a heads-up to young viewers. Some also use ‘DNI’ to avoid engaging with people who support certain things.”

‘1437’ Meaning on TikTok

The TikTok phrase ‘1437’ is a way of saying ‘I love you forever.’ Each number represents the number of letters in the words. ‘I’ has one letter, so the ‘1’ represents that. ‘Love’ has four letters, so the ‘4’ is for that. ‘You’ has three letters, and ‘forever’ has seven letters.

People have used this abbreviation in text messages and online forums for a while.”

‘Devious Lick’ Meaning on TikTok

You’ve probably noticed ‘Devious Lick’ becoming popular on TikTok. It’s a way to talk about ‘stolen goods’ or something that has been stolen in a sneaky way. It started with a video from TikTok user @dtx.2cent who showed a hand-sanitizer machine in a backpack and said, ‘Only a month into school and got this absolute devious lick.’ The video got over 7.2 million views in two days.”

‘ATP’ Meaning on TikTok

‘ATP’ can mean different things on TikTok. The hashtag usually talks about the ATP tennis tour, but it’s also used as slang for ‘at this point’ or ‘answer the phone.’ People use this abbreviation in different ways on the app.”

‘Chair emoji’ Meaning on TikTok

The chair emoji has become common in TikTok comments lately. It’s actually part of an ‘inside joke’ that started with user @blank.antho. He told his followers to use the chair emoji instead of the laughing emoji, and it became a viral joke. Now, people use chair emojis on funny videos they like.”

‘Baka’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Baka’ means ‘idiot,’ ‘stupid,’ ‘fool,’ or ‘dumb’ in Japanese. It can be rude depending on how it’s used, but on TikTok, especially among Anime and Manga fans, it’s often used in a playful and light-hearted way.”

‘Pick Me Girl’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Pick Me Girl’ isn’t a term that started on TikTok, but it’s commonly used to describe a certain type of user. A ‘Pick Me Girl’ is someone who acts like she’s ‘not like other girls’ to get attention from guys. There are also ‘Pick Me Boys,’ who are similar and have been compared to ‘Simps.'”

‘YMCA’ Meaning on TikTok

‘YMCA’ is a reference from Bo Burnham’s song ‘Words, Words, Words.’ In the lyrics, he sings about a girl named Macy and a humorous situation. ‘YMCA’ originally stands for ‘Young Men’s Christian Association,’ but in this context, it’s related to the Village People’s famous ‘YMCA’ dance routine.”

‘Bones Day’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Bones Day’ and ‘No Bones Day’ come from Noodle the Pug. Noodle is a 13-year-old dog, and his owner, Jonathan Graziano, films him when he wakes up each morning. If Noodle can stand up, it’s a ‘Bones Day.’ If he flops back down, it’s a ‘No Bones Day.’

A ‘Bones Day’ means it’s a good day to go for it and make the most of it. A ‘No Bones Day’ means it’s okay to take a break and start fresh tomorrow.”

‘SW’ Meaning on TikTok

‘SW’ can mean different things online, but on TikTok, it usually stands for ‘Sex Worker’ or ‘Sex Work,’ including people who make money from OnlyFans. TikTok users use ‘SW’ instead of the full words when talking about this topic to avoid getting in trouble with the algorithms or having their account removed.”

‘W’ mean on TikTok

‘W’ is a term from sports and gaming. When someone writes ‘W’ in the comments, it means they’re saying ‘Win’ or congratulating someone on their success. It’s the opposite of ‘L,’ which means ‘Lose.'”

‘Hogging’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Hogging’ is a word that describes a disrespectful and offensive competition among groups of guys, especially at fraternities. According to Urban Dictionary, it involves guys trying to hook up with the heaviest girl at a party. This term has faced criticism on social media.”

‘Mid’ Meaning on TikTok

If you’ve seen the word ‘mid’ in TikTok comments or captions and don’t know what it means, here’s the answer. ‘Mid’ is used to describe something that’s just average or mediocre. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible either; it’s just okay.”

‘Abow’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Abowwww’ started getting popular in January 2022 thanks to a song by ShantiiP X TarioP called ‘Throw It Back (Abow).’ TikTok users say ‘Abow’ is a phrase used in Arabic, Turkish, and is slang in Sweden. It’s like saying ‘wow’ or ‘omg.’ Some also use it to cheer someone on and show excitement.”

‘Pushing P’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Pushing P’ became popular on TikTok in January 2021, thanks to a song by Gunna and Future called ‘Pushin’ P.’ In this context, ‘P’ means something positive or keeping it real. If something is ‘P,’ it’s good. If it’s not ‘P,’ it’s bad. Gunna explained it on Instagram live, saying, for example, that holding the door for a lady is ‘P,’ but arguing about money isn’t.”

‘Crop’ Meaning on TikTok

In April 2022, you might have seen lots of people asking for their videos to be ‘crop’ in the TikTok comments. When someone says ‘crop,’ they want the user to reupload the video so it’s not blocked or covered by other things on the page, like buttons, search bars, or captions.

You often see these comments when people share photos of celebrities or meme edits.”

‘Chupaghetti’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Chupaghetti’ became a TikTok trend in April 2022, with users sharing ‘chupaghetti’ recipes in their comments. It’s a made-up word and doesn’t have a real meaning. Some think it’s a mix of the Filipino word ‘chupa,’ which loosely means ‘suck,’ and ‘spaghetti.'”

‘NSFR’ Meaning on TikTok

‘NSFR’ stands for ‘Not Safe For Ramadan,’ as per Urban Dictionary. It’s similar to ‘NSFW’ (Not Suitable For Work). TikTok users use this term as a hashtag during the month of Ramadan on certain videos.”

‘Kaw’ Meaning on TikTok

If you’ve noticed the hashtags #Kaw or #Kaws on TikTok, it’s related to a brand of art figures and sculptures created by the artist KAWS. It seems harmless based on the videos with these hashtags.

However, there’s a disturbing definition circulating on Urban Dictionary suggesting it means ‘kill all women,’ and because of this, TikTok search results for ‘Kaw’ may not show up due to ‘hateful behavior.'”

‘Vabbing’ Meaning on TikTok

‘Vabbing’ is a recent trend where people use their vaginal fluids like ‘perfume’ to try to attract potential partners. It’s a combination of the words ‘vagina’ and ‘dabbing.’

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