What happened to Andrew Dawson from TikTok - Tech Preview

More than a year ago, a person named Andrew Dawson, who makes videos on TikTok, got scared and did not know where he went. He put up videos of a very big person on a mountain, and then he vanished. However, what really happened to him?

A lot of people have left TikTok in the last few years, some because they wanted to try other things, and some because of regular life stuff.

Now, let us talk about Andrew Dawson, who was a popular TikTok user with 56,000 followers. People got curious when he disappeared in May 2022. It all began when he posted a video of a really big person on a mountain in Canada.

After that, he talked about strange stuff happening. He said he had contact with the CIA and Canada’s CSIS. He also said he felt like someone was following him after he posted that video. In one post, he said, “I’m scared,” and suggested that he might not post on TikTok again.

Andrew Dawson obituary posted in July 2022

In July 2022, there was a message about Andrew Dawson, and it said that he had not shown up on TikTok or other social media for a while. This made many people wonder where he was, and many people watched his videos.

His last video was on May 18th, where he was still talking about some military stuff happening on the mountain.

Because this is TikTok, people came up with many strange ideas, but we might never know the whole story. In July, there was an announcement in the Campbell River Mirror that said Andrew Dawson had passed away. He left behind his family, including children.

Some TikTokers have different ideas about why he disappeared. They say the videos he made might not be true. However, many others are saying sorry for his death.

One person wrote, “R.I.P. What happened? It is so sad.” Another said, “Very sad. Rest in peace, dear one. Thank you for sharing and being yourself.” Moreover, another person said, “It hurts a lot. I love you, Andrew. I wish this was just a dream.”

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