TikTokers Record Their Stunned Reactions to NSFW Slang Term

One more day, one more word that seems harmless but is actually not safe for work. We are talking about something called a “Colorado campfire,” and it is not about Colorado or campfires at all.

Lots of people on TikTok made videos reacting to this when they found out what it really means, and it is not nice. If you want to know the real meaning, just keep scrolling. However, be careful; it is not for everyone.

What is a ‘Colorado campfire’

In 2016, someone put a meaning for “Colorado campfire” on Urban Dictionary. However, after that, no one else added more explanations. It is like nobody thought, “Ew, this is yucky; let us write a better one,” or “Oh no, we need to remove this for the kids.”

I’m starting to lose hope in people right now.

First, it is about putting a marshmallow into a woman’s bottom. Then, a man does something not good with her (from that end).

Important Articles

Afterwards, the woman is supposed to take out the marshmallow from her body and put it between two graham crackers. The definition says it is impolite if you do not eat the cracker afterwards.

You can find videos about this on TikTok, and they talk about it in a silly way.

“I should have known better, but I searched for it,” said TikTok user Holly (@hollysworld247) in a video. She then gets upset with Urban Dictionary and asks, “Who even thinks of this kind of stuff? However, you would need some skills, right?” She takes a bite of what seems to be a squishy marshmallow between two graham crackers, making fun of the trend.

User Alexandra Rodrigues (@alexndraa) also posted a video reacting to it. After she looked up the term, she said on camera with a worried face, “No one should be doing this. I am worried that this is something people do.”

Here is something funny: there is a short 17-second TikTok video that plays a part of Justin Bieber’s song “Yummy” and shows a picture of marshmallows with the message: “Colorado Campfire. Check it out…” That is surprising!

Thankfully, there are no videos of people showing how to do this trend. Moreover, we do not know why they called it a “Colorado campfire.” However, honestly, I am fine with not knowing that story.