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Celebrities or notable social media personalities have a more significant impact on people’s lives. Everyone listens and expects them to make headlines on celebrity news platforms when they speak. People listen when they talk about political news, religious issues, sensitive issues, controversies, etc. 

Social media personalities are renowned on social media platforms and have built a solid online empire. One of the most popular platforms is the Karely Ruiz OnlyFans site, which has many online visitors. Most social media influencers are expanding their notoriety on private websites.

Celebrities are dominating the viral world, and they use their power to influence many people’s lives in various ways.

Celebrities Use Their Power to Support Charities

Angelina Jolie is one of many celebrities who use their fame to support charities. Her desire to help charities has turned into a habit. The actress has supported the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for many years. She has since traveled to various nations devastated by war to assist refugees in finding a haven. In 2012, she established the “Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative” to help sex victims worldwide by providing resources and healthcare. 

Lexy Kadey, a TikTok creator, uses her TikTok platform to solicit and assist people in need through a unique challenge. She urged her TikTok followers to join her in donating money to help those in need. She asked her 11,000 followers to donate at least 50 cents to raise $5,736.50 to help underprivileged people. It was a successful campaign in which she raised more money than expected. Her TikTok video went viral and was featured on celebrity news platforms, garnering a lot of positive feedback. 

Famous Influencers Use Their Platform to Raise Awareness

When TikTok influencer Jade O’Connell, known for her online baking footage, used her Tourette syndrome to raise awareness of the condition, it became a significant news story, gaining traction on various celebrity news sites. Nigerian dancer Naomi Eluwa and Nikkita Chadha were two other influencers who raised awareness for BAME causes.

TikTok Creators Livestream for a Cause

A live stream can help raise funds for a good cause. J.T. Laybourne, who has 1.6 million followers, collaborated with the American Heart Association to raise funds. J.T. and his friends live-streamed and included a charity donation button. He raised $750,000 for charity through his platform and viewers. It creates waves on different news platforms, gaining massive feedback. 

Influencer Build School

Dora Moono, a Zambian teacher, uses TikTok to share videos from her daily life, including her teaching routine in her small village, Mapapa. Her content attracts many viewers, and she has millions of followers on her platform. 

The teacher intends to educate hundreds of African children in rural areas. She raised significant money for her cause through fan donations, nearly $500,000 for marginalized children’s education. She wants to build a school in Mapapa, and in three years, she has established a charity called “Footprints of Hope,” as well as a school for 350 children and 24 teachers. The school has 12 classrooms, dormitories, a science laboratory, a kitchen, and a dining hall. 

She built a school, set up water boreholes in the village, and assigned teachers to neighboring towns. Her story spread on celebrity news and other news forums, inspiring people worldwide.

Celebrities Support HIV/AIDS Victims

Miley Cyrus supported people living with HIV/AIDS through Mac’s Viva Glam campaign, in which all proceeds benefit the LGBTQ+ community and HIV/AIDS victims. 

Zachary Willmore, a TikTok world-famous influencer, posted videos not to raise funds for people with HIV/AIDS but to raise awareness about the condition. After learning about his illness and becoming perplexed by his situation, he decided to make it public. He has 1.7 million TikTok followers after posting daily updates about his life as an HIV-positive man. 

Zachary used his platform to educate others about the disease and raise awareness about how to avoid contracting it. Life must go on for him, so he shares HIV prevention tips and videos honoring leading HIV activists and researchers. 

It causes the TikTok influencer to make headlines on news such as celebrity news and other news portals. 


Celebrities and famous influencers attract people who admire and look up to them on their platforms. They made a meaningful difference in people’s lives by turning the viral world into doing good. Some celebrities used their fame to promote products or services, which helped brands succeed in the market. 

Celebrities who use their notoriety to do good are role models for people worldwide. They are making headlines on celebrity news channels and amassing news across the internet. 

Celebrity news channels are networks where fans and critics can learn about the latest news or updates about their favorite celebrities. It is also a boosting channel for celebrities, allowing their careers to become more visible to a larger audience, thereby expanding their empire.