Located about twenty minutes by taxi from the city center, Nanning’s seafood market shines a light on the cuisine of Guanxi province. Although Nanning has delicious street food, a trip to the fresh seafood market is worth the effort. A wide variety of seafood is on offer and can be made to order as local diners make use of street side and roof top restaurants to enjoy their food.

Fresh Seafood In China

A walk through Nanning’s seafood market will open eyes to a wide scope of sea food. Orange clams, small gray clams, large oysters, mussels, mollusks, and snails are piled on trays over tanks of fish. Blue speckled crabs, red lobsters, prawns, and related crustaceans swim in their tanks while river crabs, a local delicacy, are also on sale. Schools of baby eels, long spotted morays, and rows of fish are spied throughout, while bundles of sea anemones are sold by eager fish mongers.

Octopi and exotic looking shrimps dart around their tanks while cuttlefish and squid are ready to bought and grilled. Piles of strange looking purple sea worms and other exotic animals are available for the adventurous. Seafood is sold by weight and electronic scales dot the area. During the day local consumers will make purchases for the home while at night, the surrounding restaurants are prepared to cook your purchases.

Best Restaurants In Nanning

From tables on the adjoining sidewalk, to three story table clothed dining, the restaurants of the Nanning seafood market offer easy dining for shoppers. Restaurants are fronted by scales where your seafood purchases are weighed before being cooked. They will prepare the food to specification but will also offer suggestions if diners are unsure about the best way to prepare a dish. Garlic and ginger as well as chili are used to prepare soups, porridges, shellfish, and fried dishes while fish may be steamed in a bed of herbs.

Making the journey to the Nanning seafood market is best done with local friends or a guide to navigate the language and to offer insights on how to prepare the dishes. Groups of people surround the circular tables sharing their treats as the market does brisk business every night of the week. Even for visitors who dislike seafood, the food is prepared deliciously and is worth the trip.

Dried Seafood In Nanning, China

Nanning, China’s fresh seafood market also offers dried seafood as shops line the market offering the aroma of dried fish. Long cuts of fish have been dried while sea cucumbers, baby shrimps, squid, cuttlefish, and starfish are available, resting dried in jars. The dried seafood is sold by weight, and shop owners will offer samples as small children munch on dried fish while playing in the stores.