Why Unified Review: Pros and Cons in 2024

Here we are discussing an article on Why Unified Review: Pros and Cons in 2024 for dropshipping entrepreneurs. Let us talk all about strengths and weaknesses of the Why Unified platform:

Why Unified Review: Pros and Cons in 2024

If you are considering dropshipping, you have probably encountered a sea of options. From AliDropship to WooCommerce, it is tough to know which platform is trustworthy and right for you. In this review, we will focus on Why Unified, a unique player in the dropshipping game.

What is Why Unified?

Why Unified started as a marketing platform in 2011 but quickly gained popularity in the dropshipping community. In 2018, it expanded its offerings to cater specifically to dropshippers. Founder and CEO Robert Nikic, who faced his own struggles as an aspiring dropshipper, created a set of tools unlike anything else on the market.

Rather than offering a simple plugin, Why Unified provides four monthly subscription tiers, each addressing specific dropshipping challenges. Let us explore the pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of Unified Review

The Pros:

  • Access to Brand Name Products:
    • Why Unified is the only dropshipping platform that grants access to popular brand names. Entrepreneurs can compete with giants like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay.
  • Fast Shipping:
    • Unlike competitors with suppliers based in China, Why Unified works with vetted U.S. suppliers. They even offer two-day shipping, rivaling Amazon Prime or Walmart Plus.
  • Transparent Monthly Subscription Options:
    • Why Unified offers four subscription tiers, catering to dropshippers at every stage of their journey. No more one-size-fits-all solutions.

The Cons:

  • Mixed Customer Reviews:
    • Trustpilot reviews show a 4.1/5 score, but verified reviews tend to be negative. BBB ratings are at 3.26/5, with only 1 out of 9 complaints resolved.
  • Challenging Dropshipping Industry:
    • Remember, dropshipping is tough. An estimated 90% of dropshippers fail. Why Unified is not a magic bullet; it is a tool to navigate a competitive landscape.

What are the pricing tiers for Why Unified?

Here are the pricing tiers for Why Unified:

Subscription TypeMonthlyTri-Monthly (15% OFF)Bi-Annually (25% OFF)Annually (35% OFF)
Base Subscription$199.00$507.00$895.00$1,552.00
Recommended Sales Channels$289.00$563.55$867.00$1,040.40
Sales Channels$500.00$1,275.00$2,250.00$3,900.00
Sales Channels (Higher Tier)$700.00$1,785.00$3,150.00$5,460.00
Sales Channels (Highest Tier)$700.00$1,785.00$3,150.00$5,460.00

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What features are included in each tier?

Let’s explore the features included in each tier of Why Unified, a dropshipping platform that aims to redefine the concept of dropshipping. Here is what you can expect from each subscription level:

  1. Base Subscription:
    • Access to Brand Name Products: Why Unified is the only dropshipping platform that provides access to popular brand names. Compete with giants like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay.
    • Fast Shipping: Work with vetted suppliers in the United States, offering two-day shipping comparable to Amazon Prime or Walmart Plus.
    • Monthly Subscription Options: Choose from four different subscription tiers to suit your needs.
  2. Recommended Sales Channels:
    • All features from the base subscription.
    • Product Shoppers Trust: Benefit from regular repeat purchases due to trusted products.
    • High Product Profit Margins: Enjoy better profit margins.
    • Verified Historical Sales: Access data to inform your decisions.
  3. Sales Channels:
    • All features from the previous tiers.
    • Wide Selection: Access diverse brand name products.
    • Established Reputation: Leverage trusted brand names for credibility.
    • Higher Perceived Value: Command higher prices for quality products.
  4. Sales Channels (Higher Tier):
    • All features from the previous tiers.
    • Customer Reviews and Feedback: Social proof to influence purchasing decisions.
    • High Traffic Volume: Increased visibility and exposure to a large audience.
    • Promote Scalable Growth: Encourage repeat purchases and reduce return rates.

How do I integrate Why Unified with my existing e-commerce platform?

Unified Commerce is an approach that ties together different aspects of customer experience. It merges all elements of physical and digital purchase channels, creating a seamless shopping journey for consumers. Let us know what it means and how it can benefit your business:

  1. Unified Commerce Defined:
    • Unified commerce aggregates all channels and sources of orders, products, inventory, and fulfillment capabilities.
    • It allows retailers to accept and process orders regardless of their source or original format using a centralized information hub.
    • Think of it as bringing together internet, telephone, cable TV, and movie rentals into a single unified service provider.
  2. Benefits of Unified Commerce:
    • Holistic View: Provides a single vantage point to understand your business’s omnichannel performance.
    • Automation: Automates core business processes, saving time and increasing productivity.
    • Integration: Integrates existing systems (business system, eCommerce platform, marketplaces) or allows upgrades.
    • Data Insights: Offers insightful analytics for smart decision-making.
  3. Implementation:
    • To integrate Why Unified with your existing e-commerce platform, consider the following steps:
      • Evaluate Compatibility: Check if your e-commerce platform supports unified commerce integration.
      • API Integration: Explore APIs or connectors provided by Why Unified to connect seamlessly.
      • Data Migration: Migrate relevant data (orders, inventory, customer profiles) to the unified platform.
      • Testing and Optimization: Test thoroughly and optimize the integration for a smooth experience.

Is there a trial period for Why Unified’s integration features?

Why Unified offers a trial period for its integration features, allowing you to explore and experience the platform before committing. During the trial, you can test the integration capabilities, assess how it aligns with your business needs, and evaluate its effectiveness. 

Remember to check their official website for the most up-to-date information on trial durations and terms.


In conclusion, Why Unified offers unique advantages, but it is important tto manage expectations. Dropshipping success requires effort, regardless of the platform you choose.

People Also Ask

What is Why Unified?

Why Unified is a platform that allows you to dropship brand-name products on major marketplaces like AmazonWalmart, and more. You can run your own online store with better profit margins than traditional retail stores. It is all hands-off, they handle everything for you!

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Sign up for a store subscription.
  • Step 2: Start driving sales using various sales channels.
  • Step 3Why Unified takes care of all the dropshipping logistics.

What Support Is Available?

  • Phone Support: Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST.
  • Email & Chat Support: Reach out to [email protected].

They are dedicated to answering your questions and ensuring a smooth experience.

Where Are Their Offices?

  • Delaware Office: 200 Continental Dr. Suite #401, Newark, DE 19713.
  • Florida Office: 314 S. Missouri Ave. Suite #200, Clearwater, FL 33756.