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Passenger Princess Meaning: “Passenger princess” is a phrase which is commonly used on TikTok and other social media platforms. It has become very popular and is now a trending topic. Let us find out more about what passenger princess meaning is.

Similar to a number of other social media applications, TikTok also features a variety of slang words and acronyms that are commonly used by its users.

Certain terms and abbreviations existed before TikTok became popular, while others originated and gained popularity within the platform.

While browsing through your For You page, you may have come across the term “passenger princess,” but do you know what it signifies? Let us delve into what it means and get all the essential details.

What Passenger Princess meaning trend on TikTok is?

The passenger princess trend on TikTok refers to a concept described by Urban Dictionary as “a beautiful girl whose only role is to look pretty while her secretive partner drives the car.”

Another interpretation of a passenger princess suggests that it is someone who is constantly chauffeured around and has no interest in learning how to drive themselves.

The term “passenger princess” has gained significant popularity on TikTok as more and more users embraced the trend of showcasing what this title represents on the platform.

These videos typically feature individuals, predominantly women, sitting in the passenger seat of a car while their partner drives. These videos demonstrate their role as a passenger princesses, which often involves responsibilities like controlling the music and air conditioning, providing last-minute directions, and occasionally handing snacks to the driver.

Other TikTok users opt to switch roles and showcase the driver becoming the passenger princess for the first time.

They feel a sense of liberation as they no longer have to drive and can control the music. However, what surprises them the most is when their partner places their hand on the thigh of the new passenger princess.’

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