McKinney Falls state park

It is thought that there is no perfect time for a trip. You can hit adventurous places anytime for a great trip. McKinney Falls state park can be a good option for your next trip. There are a wide variety of things that you can do in this park-like; Swimming, hiking, bike trails, fishing, etc. These activities are just a small glimpse of the fun and adventure you can enjoy at McKinney Falls. 

This beautiful place is situated 13 miles away from downtown Austin, and Mckinney Falls looks like a separate beautiful world away from the city. Every year, many tourists visit this place worldwide, and the footfalls are increasing each year. The amazing architecture and the beauty of nature attract everyone to this place. If you are interested in historical things, then on this place you can visit; prehistoric rock shelters, remain pieces of old Texan Homestead, and the oldest cypress tree, which is now rare in the state. 

McKinney Falls state park has many spots where you can enjoy your interesting activities. This park’s hike spot is fascinating; the morning time is the best for the track because the morning view is amazing and eye-catching. The bonfire is like a positive thing at night; many people sit together and enjoy the jamming and dinner. 

Best Things To Do In McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls is a complete package of fun and enjoyment. You can do plenty of things in this park with your family, friends, partners, etc. The interesting activities keep the visitors busy the whole day, and they will never get bored from the spots. All the fun activities include Mountain biking, fishing, hiking, swimming, picnicking, and bouldering. Now imagine this place with all of these activities at a single spot. 

McKinney Falls is like a home for the oldest bald cypress trees in a public area in Texas. These trees have become extinct now, and cypress trees are one of the oldest. Old Baldy is 100 feet tall cypress trees, which are thought to be 500 years old. It is a very popular tourist place, and people love to capture their moments with trees. 

McKinney Falls state park has many other historical places like historic rock shelter, mentioned in the National Register of Historic Places. It is a great thing to be listed in the national history book. 

There are various spots for different activities which we have mentioned earlier. All those places are closer to each other so you can reach those places with public transport or from your private vehicles. You can rent the vehicles at low costs so you can visit anywhere anytime and enjoy the fun of McKinney Falls state park. 

Here is the list of activities that are most popular at McKinney Falls. Read the list carefully and select your favorite adventure activity. 


If you love to swim, then this place provides you a wide variety of places. One of the most fabulous places to swim is Onion Creek and cool down from white-hot Texas heat. Walking on the limestone ledges is a super refreshing feeling during summers, quality time relaxing near the waterfalls. You can lean down your body in any of the pools because in Onion Creek, here are many pools. 

However, bringing food, speakers, alcohol, and pets is not allowed at the swimming site because they degrade the environment. So try to avoid bringing this thing with you and favor nature. 

Hiking In Mckinney Falls

Most visitors love to hike, so this place is the most suitable to complete your desires for hiking. McKinney Falls state park has over 7 miles of trails. The Onion Creek and Bike Trail are the easiest. The 2.8-mile loop that goes to the Onion Creek swimming hole and waterfall, the other 3.1 mile Homestead Trail goes to the reserves of historic 19th-century architectures and low McKinney Falls. 

The Flint Rock Loop, Picnic Trail, Rock Shelter Trail, and Williamson Creek Overlook Trail are the best hiking spots. If you want to go for a long hike to cover all these spots, a trail system is fixed, connecting all the trails in a loop so that you can hike all the spots easily. 


Are you fond of biking and long drives on bikes? Then McKinney state park has very interesting spots where you can enjoy the easy biking experience. Onion Creek Hike and BikeTrail is the best spot for you to experience easy and adventurous biking. There is a windy and breezy environment with flat areas which is situated around the campground areas. The bypasses historic sites provide you a smooth and flat road to the bike. The campings or the tent sites are also very near the bike area.  

Where to Stay In Mckinney Park

Staying in camps can be the best experience for you when you visit McKinney Falls state park. There are 69 campsites with 30-amp power and 12 campsites with 50 amp power. The charges are not very high, it will be $20 and $24 per night for the campsites and if you want to stay at the park’s six new cabins which costs $86 per night. 

Final Words

Never suppress your cravings for adventures and trips. McKinney Falls state park offers you a wide variety of adventure and enjoyment. It is a complete place for your vacations, short trips, bachelor parties, etc. The activities in McKinney park are full of enthusiasm and fun. 

In this article we have mentioned some of the best things you can do in this park. We have also put the information of campsites and tourist spots which will help you select the things you want to try here. So pack your bags as soon as possible and enjoy the fullest on the trip.