B67 TV Tower: Most Terrifying and Tallest Structure in California - Tech Preview

If you want an exciting adventure, consider going to the B67 TV Tower in Walnut Grove, California. This huge tower is used for sending out radio signals and TV and is really, really tall at 2,049 feet. It’s the tallest thing in California and is considered one of the tallest in the world.

But you need to be super careful! The tower is empty, not safe, and doesn’t have any safety stuff. Only really brave and daring people have tried to climb it, and some have even gotten hurt or worse.

The story of the B67 TV Tower

The B67 TV Tower was made in the year 2000 when two broadcasting companies, KOVR and KXTV, worked together. They built it to make TV signals better for people in Sacramento and nearby places. People also called it the KXTV/KOVR radio tower or Sacramento Joint Venture Tower.

But as time went on, new technology came out, and not many people needed the old-style TV signals anymore. So, in 2010, they stopped using the tower and left it alone in the desert. They didn’t take it down because that would be too expensive and risky. So, now the tower stands there, like a reminder of the past and something cool for people who like adventures to visit.

The B67 TV Tower Sad Event

In 2023, something really sad happened at the B67 TV Tower. Two friends, Becky and Hunter, who loved climbing and doing daring stuff, decided to climb the tower for fun. They had climbed other things before and thought this would be easy. But they were bad.

The tower was falling apart, with rusty metal, things coming loose, and stuff that didn’t work. Plus, there were no safety things like fences, ladders, or nets. They had to use ropes and gear to go up and down. Becky and Hunter finally made it to the top after many hours, but then they realized they had made a big, big mistake.

It was very windy up high, and the tower was moving a lot. The ropes they used to climb were old and broke, so they got stuck at the top. They tried calling for help, but their phones didn’t work up there. They were stuck on a 2,000-foot-tall tower with no way to get down.

They stayed up there for two days, getting really thirsty, hungry, and cold. They were scared that they might fall if they moved wrong or if the tower fell apart. They recorded videos on their phones, hoping someone would find their bodies or themselves. In the videos, you could see how scared, desperate, and sorry they were.

The B67 TV Tower Today

The B67 TV Tower is still there today, and it reminds us of what happened to Becky and Hunter. They put a fence around it and signs that say “Don’t climb.” But some people don’t listen to the signs and still try to go up the tower. They do this because they’re curious or want to show off.

The police have tried to make it harder for people to get to the tower and have arrested some who tried. They also thought about taking the tower down, but some people say it’s an important part of history and a way to remember Becky and Hunter.

The tower has also caught the attention of moviemakers, reporters, and researchers who want to learn more about its past and its secrets. One of the most famous movies about the tower is called “Fall.” It’s a scary movie that tells a story based on what happened to Becky and Hunter when they climbed the tower and died. This movie came out in 2023 and became really popular on Netflix.

The B67 TV Tower is a really interesting but also scary building. It attracts some people and scares others. It shows how people can have big ideas, make new things, but also do silly stuff. It’s a place where good things can turn bad fast, where life can end suddenly, and where death can stick around for a long time.

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