VIA Rail Canada offers a unique way to travel across Canada. As an alternative to flying or driving long distances, the train allows you to see the amazing Canadian landscapes, makes travel relaxed and comfortable, and has sustainability benefits. Here are 5 great reasons you should consider traveling with VIA Rail Canada.

Incredible Scenery and Views

One of the best parts of traveling by train is getting to admire beautiful scenery along the journey. VIA Rail routes go through diverse landscapes across the country. In Western Canada you’ll see magnificent mountains, lakes, and national parks from your seat. Riding through Ontario and Quebec exposes you to Canadian farmlands and small towns. And in Eastern provinces the tracks hug the coastline offering great ocean views. Seeing so much of this vast country by rail makes for a special travel adventure.

Relaxing and Smooth Ride

Taking the train is one of the most relaxed ways to travel between cities. Unlike air travel, there are no long security checks and waiting times at airports. VIA Rail stations allow you to simply show up, board the train, and settle in for the ride. Onboard you can spread out a bit, walk around, have a meal, and watch the scenery go by. The train sways gently over the tracks letting you sit back, chat with friends, read a book, or take a snooze as you travel. It makes getting to your destination stress-free.

Meet Interesting People

Striking up conversations with fellow passengers can make a train ride fun. Whether in the dining car, observation car, or your seats, you’ll meet locals and travelers from Canada and around the world. Swapping stories and travel tips with people from various backgrounds often leads to memorable interactions. And if you’re traveling solo, having some company during longer journeys is a nice bonus. You may even make a new friend or two along the way.

VIA Rail’s Excellent Offerings

People select VIA Rail in part because of its onboard amenities and ease. Trains can provide wheelchair accessibility, offer private cabins, comfy coach as well as sleeper class seats, and space to store your bikes and belongings, depending on the route. There are dining as well as lounge cars on the trains that provide delectable meals, snacks, and beverages with a Canadian flair. Additionally, friendly workers are on hand to make sure guests have all they need for a pleasurable journey. VIA Rail trains are made to be easy to use and accommodating for visitors.

Ethical Approach to Travelling

A more environmentally responsible option for traveling between cities than driving or flying is VIA Rail Canada. Trains are a fuel-efficient mode of transportation that helps you lessen your carbon impact. By utilizing more ecologically friendly materials on its trains and investing in hydroelectric rail lines, VIA Rail has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability. By selecting train over less environmentally friendly forms of transportation, tourists may contribute in a tiny way to environmental preservation.


When you travel across Canada by rail with VIA Rail, you may enjoy breathtaking scenery right outside your window. You may relax in a cozy environment while traveling between locations on board. VIA Rail offers excellent routes and services, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy trains or who want to experience something different when going for Canadian railroad trips. So, next time you visit Canada, explore it to the fullest only with VIA Rail.

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