With Houm you own piece of Internet like you own home

Houm has something very new to offer and something unique in concept. It comes with a piece of the Internet that is absolutely a private space. It is ad-free and provides you different storage options as per the needs. You legally own space on the Internet so that you can store all your digital assets without any worry of data privacy.

According to Houm, it is like a private home on the Internet. Simply sign up to and set up your domain, the name of which will act like a key to your belongings on the Internet. Oh yes, you don’t need to visit again the Houm.

Following your sign up process and building of Houm successfully, you can connect to Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and Google accounts. You can now have all the data stored in a single place that is owned by you.

With Houm you can also ask your family and friends to get on it and create a neighborhood. Do note that the neighborhood too is private here and so only share with people whom you trust.

The best part of Houm is that you can nominate a successor to your digital assets. This means, long after you are gone, your data will never go into any hand which you don’t want.

So, your data is completely secured with Houm and your privacy is not breached. The service provider never will allow your activities to be tracked.