Wisconsin Dells Hotels

Hotels in Wisconsin Dells are everywhere you look. The major water park resorts are always busy because the number one attractions in the Dells are on-site. But you will also find yourself paying hundreds of dollars a night for your room. There are also plenty of condo options and chain hotels to choose from, but if you want the best deal in lodging other than camping, try a one-of-a-kind Dells hotel. These family-run businesses have been hurting since the water park resorts came on the scene and they are doing everything they can to draw in guests, including cheap rates and mini waterparks on-site. Mount Olympus passes, normally $33 each, come free with many rooms. Check the individual hotels for their packages. Here are some of great options for family-run hotels in the Wisconsin Dells area.

Hotels at the southern end of the strip near Kalahari, Great Wolf, and Tanger Outlets:

Alakai Hotel & Suites – This Hawaiian themed hotel is open year round and iincludes a mini waterpark on site. Fast food is within walking distance, and the walk is a safe one, unlike some spots on the strip.

Grand Marquis – The sleek white and black look of the exterior could make you mistake this hotel for an office building. It has an outdoor pool and a “Blue Dolphin Lagoon Indoor Waterpark”.

Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center – Tucked in behind the Sinclair gas station with the giant dinosaur protruding from the building is a pretty white hotel with arched windows and a green roof. The outdoor waterpark is Polar Island and the indoor park is Blizzard Bay.

Hotels in the middle of the strip near Noah’s Ark and Mount Olympus:

Riviera Suites – This all-suite hotel is located across the street from the Del-Bar. Rooms include fireplaces, microwaves, refrigerators, and, of course, the divided room for the parents and kids. Indoor and outdoor pools are on-site.

New Concord Inn – This hotel is notable for its large, imposing, boxy red-brick structure. The large white columns give it an all-American appearance. Indoor and outdoor water play areas and an outdoor playground make it family friendly. It is located across from Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World Exploratory.

Mayflower Motel and Suites – This hotel with its river rock exterior is found on the stretch between Tommy Bartlett’s Ski Show and Noah’s Ark. Dual pools and a game room make it a draw for kids and families.

Skyline Hotel and Suites – Farther up the strip and overlooking Mount Olympus is where you’ll find this hotel. An indoor pool play area and continental breakfast with waffle bar are two of the draws here.

Off the strip hotels:

RiverWalk Hotel – Located behind the downtown/river district of the Dells, the hotel is perched on the edge of the Wisconsin River right at the end of the riverwalk. Amenities include its own boat dock.

Cliffside Resort and Suites – This hotel is located down Canyon Road across from some of the Wilderness properties. From the road the hotel looks like it is out of the 60s with its strange exterior decor. But it is a hidden gem. The backside of the hotel overlooks Lake Delton where you can get a free view of the Tommy Bartlett ski show. Indoor and outdoor pools also cling to the edge of the Cliffside next to the lake. A beach and docks are part of the amenities. This year round hotel requires a two-night minimum stay.

This is just the beginning of a huge array of hotels that can be found in the Wisconsin Dells. Drive the strip and the side roads and pick a place that appeals to you.