Almost as important as a business plan, Google search engine optimization continues to be an integral part of a website’s success. For a new website owner who needs a little help with SEO, the first thing he does is search for an SEO company.

Some of these companies promise website owners that their domain can be on the first page of Google for certain keywords. Unfortunately, any SEO company that promises clients the first page in Google is a scammer. No one can guarantee Google organic rank. Here are some common Google search engine optimization scams.

Monthly Payments for Article Content

Google loves content, but be careful who is hired to represent the content for the website. Some SEO companies hire the cheapest content writer, and plagiarism can be an issue. Spun content or poorly written material makes the website look unprofessional.

The best way to generate content for a website is to write it internally or hire a professional writer. Avoid duplicated content, and keep any unique articles on the website domain. Google may not index pages on the domain if it is duplicated on article websites.

Avoid Keyword Stuffed Content

SEO companies attempt to take control of the content of a website. Misinformed SEO companies tweak content on a web page to include the same keyword phrase over and over on a page. Google can detect keyword stuffed content, and a manual review can mean a penalty or removal from the index. When hosting content on a website, use keywords in title and H1 tags, but avoid using any type of search engine optimization that stuffs the same phrases several times on the page.

Evaluate the SEO Company’s History

One way to determine if the SEO company has the right understanding is to ask the Google webmaster top contributors. This forum is controlled by Google and offers several support people who are recognized as experts in Google optimization. They can help you determine if an SEO company is able to offer the right services for a domain website. Many SEO companies have poor optimization on the company’s website, and a Google Bionic can help detect SEO scam websites.

Backlink Building

Many SEO companies offer backlink building. What some Google search engine optimization companies don’t realize is that spamming blog comments and forums is a poor way to boost PageRank. While this type of SEO tactic may increase PageRank for a short amount of time, the website company that paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for this type of service finds the links are devalued and the PageRank is dropped. Google promotes building backlinks naturally, and spamming a link is against the guidelines.

Avoid any company that promises a website will be on the first page of Google. Most Google search engine optimization myths can be avoided by providing unique, compelling content focused on readers. Use common sense when using SEO features. Organic rank takes time, so a website owner can see a steady climb in Google as care and consideration is catered to readers and not search engines.