Maca Coffee Recipe- Tech Preview

Maca Coffee is a yummy drink that might make you feel happier, more active, and better at having babies. Find out how to make this simple Maca Coffee that’s sweet without using unhealthy sugars.

Drinking a cup of fresh coffee gives you a quick burst of energy, but what do you do when that energy goes away? You could think about making Maca Coffee to get energy in a different way.

Maca is an old plant that grows high up in the Andes mountains. People in Peru have been using it for thousands of years because it is like a superfood that’s part of their culture.

Scientists have studied maca and found that it might help with health problems like joint pain and breathing issues.

Nowadays, maca is famous all over the world because it is a special root that can boost your stamina, make you feel more active, and improve things like making babies and feeling romantic. It’s also good for reducing the tough parts of menopause and getting more energy and strength.

If you are thinking about trying this energy-boosting drink, you will be happy to know that even though it comes from a healthy root related to radishes, it does not taste anything like them.

Maca has a special flavor. Some folks enjoy it, while others do not like it very much. If you use a nice recipe (just like this one!), it can even taste like a yummy treat.

Maca Coffee Benefits

Maca is like a super healthy food that might make you feel stronger, more lively, and more romantic. So, if you want help with any of these, you should think about trying this drink.

Do not buy the pre-made maca drink mixes; instead, make this recipe. It is really simple to prepare, does not have many calories, and it tastes earthy and good. You can change it to fit your diet, like making it without dairy.

Having maca coffee might give you more energy, which is awesome before going to the gym.

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Making Maca Coffee

Creating this coffee is pretty simple, and you do not need any fancy tools. You can do it in just a few minutes using basic things that most kitchens have.

Here is what you will need:

Something to Brew Coffee With: You can use a regular coffee maker, percolator, Moka pot, French press, or the pour-over method to make coffee. It does not matter which method you choose, as long as you can make fresh coffee.

Handheld Electric Frother: You can use any frother or whisk for this recipe. I like using a handheld electric frother that runs on batteries because it is fast, easy, and easy to clean. If you do not have a frother, you can use a small whisk, like a matcha whisk, to mix the ingredients also.

A Travel Mug: Maca coffee is great for when you are on the move, whether you prefer it hot or cold. If you do not have a travel mug, any other mug will do.

Ingredients and Replacements

There is no fixed rule for how to serve coffee. It is a drink that can be changed to match your taste.

Some people like their coffee as it is, with no extra stuff, while others want it to be sweet or have milk, or maybe both. The same goes for maca coffee.

Here is some info about the things you need for this recipe and some ideas to try:


You start with coffee beans or coffee that’s already ground. You can make your coffee with hot water in any way you like, strong or mild, and use any method you prefer. Coffee does not have many calories, and it is really good for your health.

If you are making cold maca coffee, make your coffee stronger because the ice will make it a little less strong.

Moreover, if you cannot have coffee, you can use something else that’s like coffee, such as herbal coffee or chicory root.

Maca Powder:

Maca root powder can be helpful for fixing problems like hormone issues, trouble getting or keeping an erection, low interest in sex, feeling very tired, and more. However, whether it helps you depends on your own body.

Remember to talk to your doctor before adding any new supplements to your diet.

When you buy maca, make sure it is high-quality, 100% maca powder with nothing extra like binders, fillers, preservatives, or sweeteners.

It is a good idea to find maca powder that’s not genetically modified (GMO-free) and is organic. This kind of maca powder is grown in Peru. It helps the local farmers who use traditional ways of growing it, and it is where the original and most nutritious maca comes from.

Cacao Powder:

Just like with maca powder, make sure you only use the best cacao powder that does not have any sugar or extra stuff in it.

Cacao has some really good health stuff, too. It’s full of flavonoids that can make your blood flow better, lower the chances of diabetes, and more. Cacao is cocoa that has not been roasted.

If you like, you can use cocoa powder instead. Or, if you want a more herbal taste, you can try organic carob or organic chicory.

Plant Milk:

In this recipe, we use almond milk, but you can choose any plant-based milk, like coconut milk, cashew milk, or oat milk. You can also try different types of milk to see what you like.

If you are not avoiding dairy, you can use regular milk, half-and-half, or cream. This milk makes the drink similar to a maca latte.


Both the cacao and coffee are bitter, and maca has a taste like earthy butterscotch, which goes really well with sweet flavours.

Honey goes really nicely with this, but you can also use other sweeteners like maple agave, syrup, or stevia.


Cinnamon makes the maca taste better, but if you do not have it or do not like it, you can leave it out. Your maca coffee will still be yummy! You can also use vanilla extract for a nice taste.

Recipe Tips & Changes

If you can have dairy, you can also use regular milk, half-and-half, or cream.

You can pick any sweetener you like for this recipe. Rather than honey, you can use maple stevia, syrup, or whatever you prefer.

If you want a simple version of this coffee drink without the cacao powder and ground cinnamon, just skip them.

Some FAQs

Are matcha and maca the same thing

No, maca and matcha are not the same. Maca is a powder from a plant’s root in the Andes mountains of Peru, and matcha is a powder from young green tea leaves in Japan. They are both good for you, but they are not alike at all.

What is the taste of maca powder

It has a nutty taste and earthy with a butterscotch-like flavor. Some people also say it is a bit like malt. Not everyone loves the taste, but if you mix it with the right stuff, you can enjoy a yummy maca drink.

Can I just take maca pills to get the same good effects

Yes, but talk to your physician first to make sure it is safe for you.

What are the bad things that can happen from maca coffee

You might have some side effects, like changes in your hormones. So, it is best to start with maca’s small amount to see if it works for you. If you need more clarification about maca coffee, talk to your doctor.

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