UMass TikTok Drinking Trend- TECH PREVIEW

UMass TikTok Drinking Trend: The University of Massachusetts has issued an alert about the ‘BORG’ UMass TikTok Drinking Trend, as parties have resulted in 28 ambulance calls.

After the Weekend of March 5, UMass attributes the surge in almost 30 ambulance calls to off-campus parties, pointing to a viral UMass TikTok drinking trend as the cause.

According to the Amherst Fire Department, the cases resulting in almost 30 ambulance calls were non-life-threatening. Also, UMass Police made two arrests related to underage drinking.

School officials observed students carrying jugs filled with a mixture of electrolytes, alcohol, water, or flavouring, commonly named “BORG” or “blackout rage gallons” by TikTokers.

According to AP News, UMass officials stated that during the “Blarney Blowout” on Saturday, an annual school celebration that usually takes place before St. Patrick’s Day, they witnessed an unprecedented number of these drinks.

The university released a statement acknowledging the events of the weekend and stated that they are currently examining the citation. Also, they issued a warning to their student body related to the drinking trend that gained popularity on TikTok.

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What does the BORG UMass TikTok drinking trend involve?

The BORG drinking trend, which is also known as the “blackout rage gallon,” has gained popularity on college campuses. To make this drink, people fill a large plastic gallon jug with a mixture of half-water and half-alcohol. They then add a caffeinated flavour enhancer and electrolytes to complete the concoction.

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Recent viral UMass TikTok drinking trend videos featuring college students consuming and making the BORG drink have played an important role in fueling this UMass TikTok drinking trend. As a result of which, a complete sub-culture has emerged on the platform, showcasing BORG guides, skits, and challenges related to the trend.

According to some TikTokers, the BORG beverage helps them stay hydrated during binge drinking sessions. However, experts caution that while the presence of electrolytes and water may aid in hydration, the amount of alcohol in the concoction is what makes it especially hazardous.

CBS News reported that Dr. George F. Kobb, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the NIH, stated that consuming such a large quantity of alcohol, even if spread out over the entire day, would be bad for many people.

The extent to which students actually follow BORG recipes requiring half a gallon of vodka remains unknown. But, experts warn that doing so could have bad results depending on the amount they ultimately consume.

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