Social Media Star Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested: Tech Preview

A video has been shared that captures the moment when Taylor Frankie Paul, a popular person on TikTok, was taken into custody due to accusations of hurting her partner at home. The video shows her apparently throwing metal chairs at her boyfriend while one of her kids watched.

Taylor Paul is a popular person on TikTok and has more than 4 million people following her there. A while back, she got into trouble because she talked about doing something wrong.

In February 2023, it is found information from the Herriman Police Department. They said that Taylor Frankie Paul arrested on February 19 for hurting someone at home, and a child was there when it happened.

The video of the arrest has been made public by the Herriman Police Department. It shows the popular person from TikTok being taken into custody because they’re accused of hurting someone at home.

Video captures TikTok celebrity Taylor Frankie Paul arrested by Herriman Police Department

In the 15-minute video, police come to Paul’s house. She and her partner, Dakota Mortensen, were having a loud argument that went on for many hours.

In the video, Paul told the police that after her night out with her girlfriends, Mortensen gave her a ride home and then pushed her, which made them start arguing.

But Mortensen said that after he picked Paul up from her night out, she was still crying a lot.

Mortensen talked to the police about his girlfriend’s tough situation – she had recently been through a divorce and had to separate from her two children. He said she was in a lot of pain at that time.

He explained that the argument started in the car because Paul had been drinking, and he mentioned that they usually tried not to drink, but she had been drinking more because of the divorce and separation.

Mortensen told the police that he tried to leave Paul’s house, but she stopped him. He said he pushed her to try to get out, but he couldn’t leave.

Later, it’s found out that Paul was throwing furniture at Mortensen, and one piece hit one of Paul’s kids. Thankfully, the child didn’t seem hurt.

Towards the end of the video, Taylor Paul’s mom comes to where everything is happening. The police then decide to arrest Paul because of the argument with Mortensen. Paul said she didn’t do what they accused her of – hurting someone at home, making things worse for kids, breaking things, and attacking.

They haven’t made a final decision about her case yet. Mortensen has still been seen in Paul’s TikTok videos even after this happened.

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