If you’re searching for a charming spring menu to serve family or friends, look no further than these two flavourful offerings. Auberge du Pommier’s own Chef Jason Bangerter offers up two delightful dishes to make any warm-weather repast a spring or summertime celebration. (If you didn’t catch his other wonderful recipe, Truffle Soup, click here and enjoy! This recipe is a masterpiece in a bowl!)

Starting off with Chef Bangerter’s cold Spring Pea Soup, your guests will marvel at the sweetness of springtime peas bursting with flavour layered with a host of fresh herbs (the secret to this wonderful soup). Follow this up with chef’s simple yet effective seared speckled trout, a salad or steamed French green beans dressed with a little Dijon vinaigrette and you have a light, memorable meal in the making.

All recipes are compliments of Chef Bangerter.

Auberge du Pommier’s Spring Pea Soup Recipe


2 Shallots thinly sliced
2 Cloves of garlic
5 grams Ginger root
2 cups Fresh shucked blanched peas
4 cups Chicken stock or vegetable nage
½ cup Dry white wine
1 cup Packed, fine herb leaves-basil, mint, coriander, tarragon, parsley, dill and chervil (stems reserved for broth)
1oz. Extra virgin olive oil (to sweat the vegetables)


In a pan (over low heat) sweat shallot, ginger and garlic until tender and translucent.
Deglaze with white wine and reduce by 2/3rds.
Add water or vegetable stock to cover ingredients in the pan.
(At this time you can place a sachet of the herb stems to perfume stock). *Food Trends Tip: you can use a piece of cheesecloth tied with some kitchen twine for this task.
Simmer for 5 minutes.
Add fresh herb and peas.
Just as the peas soften remove from heat and purée to fine velvety texture.
Pass and chill over ice.

Chef’s Note: Serve soup with a piece of poached or grilled fish. The soup can be served as an appetizer or even as small shooter as a patio canapé.

Seared Speckle Trout Recipe


2oz. Vegetable oil
1 Trout
2oz. Butter


Filet the fish.
De-bone and cut into portions.
In a hot pan slick with oil, place the seasoned trout (salt and pepper) portion into the pan skin side down.
Sauté until golden and crispy. Flip the fish and add the butter.
Baste with the melted butter to finish.
Season with lemon juice.