All over the world, Mehndi also called henna are very popular and their popularity is increasing day by day. These are like a necessity for weddings especially Indian and Arabian ones. Apart from looking beautiful, they are also termed as a sign of positivity and fortune. Mehndi is a body art that girls and women draw on their hands with different mehndi designs.

Not just in weddings, women also like to get mehndi drawn on their hands on other auspicious events and occasions as well like Diwali, Eid, Teej and Bhai Dooj. Apart from being part of the culture, women personally love them because of their fragrance and their gorgeous looks.

The actual Mehndi paste is made using the dry powdered leaves of a plant called Henna. The word ‘Mehndi’ is derived from ‘Mendhika’ that is a Sanskrit term for the henna plant. Apart from being part of the culture, they are also part of numerous religions like Hinduism and Islam like in Hinduism, mehndi has been numerously termed as a key part of the entire makeup or getup and is also a part of Solah Shringar (16 Adornments).

In Islam, there are different uses of henna like dying the grey beard and other usages of henna are also mentioned in the Holy Quran. Now that we are clear about the meaning and origin of Mehndi, we will share with you very easy and simple mehndi designs for front hand or palm that are very popular among women and look beautiful as well so let’s begin.

Top Easy Mehndi Designs for Front Hand

1. Multiple-pattern and Elegant

These are very famous among Indian brides as in Indian weddings these are considered very auspicious and traditional. This is a great choice for brides as it is like a combination of modern and traditional mehndi designs.

2. Auspicious Elegance

The major part of this mehndi design is the concentric circles that look very elegant in the middle of the palm. There are also dots around the circles that acts as highlights. There is work on the wrist as well that give a look of large bracelets.

3. A followed Pattern

This type of patterns trail is mainly popular on the backhand but they look very beautiful on the front side of the hand as well.

4. Hearts with Peacocks

Peacocks are very popular for mehndi designs and they are very simple mehndi designs as well. Along with peacock designs there are heart shapes that give this particular design a brilliant look. The Heart shapes are very attractive due to the detailing that goes into drawing them.

5. Kings and Queen Special

This one is actually is very easy and simple mehndi design that includes a king like figure in the middle of the palm inside a circular frame. On the fingers there are maze like work that may look difficult but are not that tough to draw.