Kids are everything for parents and when get sick, parents try everything they can to keep their kid comfortable and healthy. As per a recent study, toddlers get between 9 to 10 colds in a year at an average. This annual cycle is mainly as their immune system and antibiotics are weak and not fully developed until they are in kindergarten.

Although there is no quick way to boost up the immune system so that our kids don’t get ill, as parents we can choose to feed them healthy foods to keep them at their best and assist them in getting better. Diet is a very important thing for a toddler as they are very young and require abundant energy. The food must be highly national and balanced.

Kids must also get plenty of rest while they are rick along the healthy food to support their immune system. But choosing what exactly to feed and not to feed to a kid that is sick can be a very tricky question. Some foods are highly beneficial in general but must be strictly avoided when the kid is sneezing or coughing while vice-versa is also true.  

Broth, Soup, Water and diluted fruit juices are really good foods to keep the fluids level high and to successfully avoid dehydration. But if the kid has diarrhea or vomiting along with fever then we recommend you contact your pediatrician and look for suitable options.


Although it is not guaranteed that Vitamin C can cure fever and cold but fruits have a large number of antioxidants and there are only positive effects of them in the body. Some rich fruits in this respect are Berries, grapefruit, oranges, limes, and lemons.

You should focus on giving your toddler fruits that rich in both vitamins and minerals along with an appropriate amount of water to fulfill the water or fluid requirements in the body. The best options here is to give the kid sliced fruits that are frozen and there are two ways to serve them:

  • Just Fruit that is frozen into a smoothie while utilizing a fat-free a low-fat milk.
  • Thawed fruits like Strawberries and Blueberries that provide chilling feeling in the throat.

Their Favourites

You must offer them their favorite foods in small quantities that will encourage them to eat and get their nutrition despite their lack of appetite. Do not overfeed them and don’t touch oily and fast food and go for maybe toasts, rice or bananas if they are his favorite.

Chicken Soup

You can make chicken soup at your home or just buy it from the shop. Soup is really beneficial in this situation as it is soothing, warms and a great remedy. It also assists in fulfilling the fluid requirements of the child’s body. You can also mix a couple of teaspoons of oat in the soup to make it thicker. Alternatively, you can also add noodles or rice for a full meal.