LaMelo Ball x Puma MB.02 “Rick & Morty” shoes - Tech Preview

Puma, the big sports company, is making more shoes with LaMelo Ball, the basketball player. They are releasing a new style of the Puma MB.02 shoes, which is LaMelo’s second special shoe. This time, it will have lots of colours, and it is inspired by Rick & Morty, a fun show.

In 2023, you can buy these Rick & Morty x Puma MB.02 shoes from Puma’s website and other stores. The price and sizes for men will be shared later. Stay tuned for more info!

LaMelo Ball’s new Puma MB.02 shoes will have different colours inspired by Rick & Morty

Puma surprised everyone in the shoe world by making LaMelo Ball’s first special shoe with them, called Puma MB.01. People really liked it because of the cool colours and high-tech features for playing basketball. Every time they released a new colour, it sold out quickly.

Now, Puma and LaMelo are working together again. This time, they teamed up with the famous cartoon show Rick & Morty to make the Puma MB.02 shoes. These shoes have pictures online already, thanks to Nice Kicks.

The shoes have different colours, just like before. One shoe has purple in the middle, turning to bright green in the front, while the other has a black emblem on the side that changes from bright green to dark pink.

The logo on the inside of the shoes is changed a lot and matches the font colour. Instead of the usual Melo name, there are cartoon pictures on the tongue flaps, and “Rick & Morty” is written on the front part.

The shoes have a strong rubber bottom that matches each shoe’s colour. They also have a stylish rubber middle part with special NITRO foam padding. The shoe tag talks about the advanced cushioning with NITRO foam.

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In conclusion, get ready for the LaMelo Ball x Puma MB.02 “Rick & Morty” shoes coming soon next year. If you like how they look and want to buy them, sign up on the website to know when they officially come out and how much they cost.

People May Also Ask

How much do the MB 02 Rick and Morty shoes cost?

Rick sits on the left shoe, and Morty is on the right. The Puma LaMelo Ball MB.02 Rick & Morty Adventures came out on February 17, 2023, and it costs $130.

What colours are the Rick and Morty Lamelos?

The Puma MB.01 Rick and Morty shoes have different colours inspired by the adventures of Rick and Morty. The left shoe is slime green, and the right one is neon red.

Is there an MB 02 Rick and Morty?

Yes, the PUMA MB.02 x Rick and Morty Mid Adventures came out in February 2023. These are part of the MB.02 collection, and each shoe has different colours.

Does Pocket Mortys cost money?

No, Pocket Mortys is a free game you can play. It is also known as Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys.

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