Whether one lives in downtown Miami or in a more rural community where the selection of pubs, bars, dance halls and nightclubs may be more limited, it is quite important to pay attention to the dress code before heading out for a night of fun and excitement. Putting a keen edge on your wardrobe will visually seperate you from the rest of the crowd!

The Outfit for Dance Clubs, Nightclubs, After-Hours Bars

The atmosphere in most dance halls, nightclubs, and after-hours bars can be extremely youthful, energetic, and modern. For this reason it is important to dress appropriately both in the context of fashion as well as for comfort amongst the sweltering heat of bodies packed unto the dance floor.

The first few suggestions for an evening out at one of these establishments deals with simple grooming. Be sure that you are wearing ample anti-perspirant or deodorant – this might seem silly but it will surely be a lifesaver, particularly if you are looking for a romantic ending to your venture.

Stylish choices to wear to a nightclub or dance bar would definitely be a flashy, attractive sport-shirt that is boldly patterned in some way – popular choices include fine paisley, brightly coloured pin stripes, or a fine check or jacquard print.

Avoid very conservative windowpane patterns or solid colours other than black. These looks are better suited for business attire – the last thing you want to come across as at these events is conservative, and rather staid..

Slim Fit Dress Shirts, Bright Pin Stripes and Patterns, Jeans and Casual Pants

Choose a slim fitting dress shirt if you are possessed of a slim, athletic, or average build – this will promote a masculine silhouette and also shows a sense of style. If you are of larger stature, it might be wise to wear a more classically fit dress or sport shirt, or perhaps a brightly coloured ringer underneath a lightweight blazer. In the winter months, larger gentleman might want to choose a fitting, lightweight sweater and a leather jacket.

When considering a dress or sport shirt, choose a dark base such as black, charcoal, or midnight blue or purple – these provide the perfect base colour for bright patterns and designs that are aesthetically appealing and attractive to the eye.

With regards to pants, the best choices are either flat-front casual or dress pants – typically made from light-weight, breathable cotton – or high quality dress denim with a persuasive and aggressive tint. Once again, the bolder and better co-ordinated, the better.

Designer Labels, The Bottom Line is Personality

Cotton casual pants are extremely popular in black with white or gray pinstripes, and can be found at nearly any menswear retailer. By comparison, designer jeans and denim can be had from such labels as 7 for all Mankind (Seven), or if your pocketbook will not allow that, perhaps a more affordable label such as Britches, Diesel, Stitches, or even The Gap.

The bottom line when it comes to dressing for a night out with the boys (or girls!) is to have fun! No amount of pretense can afford a gentleman the right moves that true comfort can bring. If it fits well, looks great, and feels comfortable after dancing well into the wee hours of the morning – it’s a surefire hit and the sign of a great addition to your sharp casual wardrobe.