Planning a romantic dinner date is very difficult – you have to tailor the evenings festivities, gearing them towards the interests and personality of your date. From fun, unstructured, and casual all the way to the delicious and romantic candle-lit service, a fitting wardrobe is one of the first keys to making a great impression!

The Fun Date – Casual, Inexpensive, Less Pressure

The advantages of the casual date are many – they are typically inexpensive and do not come with the associated baggage or convention of the more formal dinner date. The casual date is perfect for women who are high-energy, outdoor enthusiasts, or simply fun-loving and carefree.

If your date is primarily taking place outside, such as a walk or hike, or a trip to grab an ice cream or a coffee at an outdoor bistro – be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. In the wintertime, a fabulous casual look might be a half-length, lined leather jacket, a mock-neck sweater, and an attractive and personal wool scarf – something you are sure to be complimented on at some point!

During the warmer months of the year, a light pair of casual pants – perhaps slightly striped or patterned – with a nice polo or, even better, a sportshirt would be appropriate. Shorts should be avoided unless it suits your personal style directly, or the date is taking place at the beach. Sanuks are a product that blend excellently with both shorts and casual pants – also being very unique, Sanuks will likely draw a compliment.

Always be sure that your clothes are neat, clean, and wrinkle-free. Giving a crisp appearance will enhance your grooming and your image by leaps and bounds. In case of emergencies, try dampening your garment and giving it a quick solo run through the dryer – it will work in most cases. Please do not undertake this with a suit or any other dry-clean only fabric.

The Dinner Date – Romantic, Extravagant, Fun

The dinner date is often cast in an erroneous light – it is not by necessity rigid and overly formal, your choice of location and your personality will ultimately dictate the terms of the socializing for the evening.

A wise gentleman does research, and if he can afford it, will always patronize a restaurant to satisfy his curiousity before bringing a date there. Disaster can occur when a menu is overpriced, the atmosphere is too stifled or too loud and casual, or the food and drink is simply mediocre. The perfect restaurant will be tastefully lit with attractive decor, a supple menu priced within your budget, with excellent service and an extensive beverage list.

Wearing a full suit to a first date is most definitely a mistake that many men make. Many women find this intensely intimidating. While it is never polite nor appropriate to underdress for a dinner date with a lady – who likely will be wearing some of her nicest clothes and accessories – in this case there is a safe and tasteful middle ground.

A recommended outfit would be a dark indigo dress jean, complimented by a fitted and bold striped sportshirt, coupled finally with a well pressed and tailored blazer of any material, in any hue that will match the jeans as well as the shoes, shirt, and belt. The jacket is preferred, although optional – it can easily be removed during the date and wearing it to the restaurant will show your date that you have class and are well dressed. Paying attention to details will add up in a person’s evaluation of you – professional or romantic.

The Clothes Don’t Always Make the Man

Wearing the appropriate wardrobe – one that complements your personality and body shape as well as the circumstances of the date – is extremely important, but is not the sum of the entire date. Ensure that you are attentive, polite when necessary, off-colour or bold when necessary – simply try to be yourself with a constant pulse on the situation. Women appreciate a man who sincerely shows interest, and knows how to listen and offer insightful responses.

When you pay attention to your date, and show that you are indeed interested not just in their appearance but also in their personality and who they are on the inside – you will have come a great deal closer to having made a positive, lasting impact on your date. By the end of the evening, as the wine glasses shine empty and the candles burn dim – you will have succeeded in the labours of love and hopefully might reap the rewards.