When we talk about the animal kingdom, there are a huge number of animals in the jungle, but there is just one king. Lions. Lions are the most fierce and beautiful animals in the world. They are really courageous and strong animals that reside in jungles all over the world but mainly in the woods of Africa.

Visually they are very appealing due to their golden manes. These golden manes are both very intimidating and royal at the same time. Due to these attractive and strong traits, we can imagine the popularity of Lion tattoos for the geeks. The Lion face tattoo represents power, domination, and masculinity and they are the reason why many men seek to ink a lion tattoo on their skin.

Apart from being strong and courageous, lions are also very loyal as they stick together and rule together. Talking about the Zodiac Signs, another famous source of tattoo designs, Lion represents Leo. People that are born between 23RD July and 22nd August fall under this zodiac sign. Just like what lions represent, people with Leo as their zodiac sign are termed as fierce and courageous and as people who do not give up on difficult challenges, they thrive on challenges.

For Christians, there are lion roots as well. In the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, there is a lion named Aslan who speaks and inspires the people around to be and do good, and the said lion is the representation of Jesus Christ.

Lions have been popular in movies in too courtesy of the Lion King movies form Disney. The Lion face tattoos have a large amount of detailing as in every animal tattoo and it more suitable in large size. The color scheme used in these tattoos may vary but the most common of them are in black and grey colors. Apart from Christianity, the lions are also part of Hinduism as Hindu god Almighty Vishnu also had one of his avatars as a Lion named Narasimba.

You can totally go for the Narasimba tattoo that is very unique and sophisticated. Narasimba figure is different from normal lions as the figure had a head and claws of a lion but the body was of a man. You can definitely become the talk of the party when you have to explain the significance and meaning of the tattoo to everyone who asks as nit many people are aware of the Hindu deities.

In case you are looking to get a traditional lion tattoo than we suggest you go for a lion that is standing on a rock and roaring. Otherwise, if you seek to combine the lion with custom designs as per your own choice than just go it as long as you love it.

Here we have assembled the best Lion face Tattoos that we could find on the internet but these are only for you to get an idea of the tattoo you are looking to get. If you love a tattoo do not hesitate to cop it yourself.

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