Who Called Me From This Phone Number

The problem of receiving calls from unknown numbers is as common nowadays as in the age of constant connectivity. There is a question that strikes the loudest, “Who Called Me From This Phone Number?” in many people’s minds. Fortunately, reverse phone lookup companies aid in tracking down who is calling under unknown numbers.

In this article, ‘Who Called Me From This Phone Number, We will talk about some more relevant information as well as the best platforms for determining who called you from an unknown caller in How to Check and Top Platforms:

Reverse Phone Lookup Services

When faced with the question, ‘Who called me from this phone number?’ reverse phone lookup services would come to aid in identifying the caller. Such services as TruthFinder, Spokeo Intelius, Instant Checkmate, and BeenVerified are leaders in uncovering the secret information behind phone numbers.

A reverse phone search gives a mountain of information about the caller, including addresses, public records and links to social media pages.


BeenVerified comes out as a leading company in the reverse phone lookup industry. MTV presents the episode “Catfish.” It provides a seven-day free trial for $1.00, or it has monthly subscriptions for $26.89 or three months. It is famous for offering a holistic deal.

BeenVerified homepage

On the other hand, unlike some competitors, it restricts users to 100 lookup reports/month. However, it is outstanding in the provision of crucial details such as names, aliases, addresses, emails and possible references.


  • Various search options, including phone numbers,names, and so on
  • Discounted pricing for extended subscriptions


  • No individual reports; subscription model
  • Sometimes less complete than competitors

BeenVerified is priceless when attempting to identify mystery callers, rebuilding old friendships or researching a potential partner. It is a favourite for individuals who want cost-effective and reliable reverse phone look-up service.


To get the full package, TruthFinder is your best bet. At $4.99/month for unlimited searches, its reports are more comprehensive than a simple listing of contact details. This is ideal for those dealing with spam calls, getting to know potential dates or verifying online sellers.


  • Swift and refined search results
  • Unlimited searches for a monthly fee.
  • We add other features, such as dark web searches.


  • Additional fees for report downloads
  • Limited to U.S. phone numbers


Intelius appears to be a service that acts as a subscription-based phone number lookup, costing $34.95/month after the six-day trial worth $0.95 per month. Unlike some rival products, it includes reverse phone lookup among people and address searches.

Intelius homepage

It offers unlimited report access. Details used to cover the Intelius reports include photos, social media,address history, and related persons so as to gain insight into the identity of an unknown caller.


  • Various subscription plans for public records search
  • A comprehensive database and rapid search results
  • A user-friendly mobile platform


  • Changing subscription packages
  • Limited customer service options

Despite an average, occasional pricing is a selected choice for frequent phone number searches and well-kept databases of Intelius.

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Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate, on the other hand, brands itself as a cheap option for would-be reverse phone lookups. For just $5.99/month, users get limitless access to comprehensive reports related to owner data, addresses, photos and, social network profiles etc.

Instant Checkmate homepage

While it does not provide individual reports, Instant Checkmate stands out for its simplicity and, therefore, is ideal for those who have to do a lot of phone number searches.


  • Pricing for reverse phone searches for each individual.
  • The user interface and Android app.


  • Subscription model without individual reports
  • No iOS mobile app

Instant Checkmate is effective for people who prefer uncomplicated reverse phone lookup services that do not include bundled subscriptions.


PeopleFinders sets itself apart from the competition by providing individual reports that allow users to customize their searches. Given the membership plans that start from $24.95 to $29.95/month, it provides comprehensive search results, including names, contact details, phone carriers, and address information.

PeopleFinders homepage

With an enviable database consisting of about 43 billion public records, it serves different search requirements.


  • Individual reports and membership options
  • Easy-to-use search process
  • iOS and Android mobile apps


  • Cancellations necessitated contacting customer service.
  • It may provide information on remote relatives.

What makes PeopleFinders unique is its individual report options, which are ideal for occasional users wanting customization in their reverse phone search run.

What to Expect from Reverse Phone Lookup Companies?

For the uninitiated, reverse phone lookup services are portals to a treasure trove of data in public records. These services collect data from court records, home sales and social media also, associating a phone number with myriads of information about the caller.

Whether it is a mobile or landline number, these services have remained important tools for revealing the juniors behind these unknown calls. Each listed reverse phone lookup site provides its own kind of report regarding depth and specifics. Many of the reports contain information such as the caller’s name, address, pictures, social media accounts and so on.

Some providers offer even more comprehensive information, including detailed information on potential relatives, email addresses and additional numbers associated with the individual.

Ranking the Best Places to Find Out Who Called You

However, when you ask yourself, “Who Called Me From This Phone Number?” and would like to select a search site of reverse phone number, how do you know which is the best?

We ranked this list depending on the 5 important factors:

Key factors like:

  • features, additional services,
  • database accuracy,
  • usability, and
  • cost

Database Accuracy

At the same time, TruthFinder uses a great number of public record sources for its database, like court records, phone carrier reports, property records, and so on. Information provided by it is highly accurate and often timely.

Intelius user reviews of results seem highly accurate on its site. states that PeopleFinders search results are correct in 95% of cases.

Instant Checkmate features one of the largest available directories for phone provides access to more public record search tools than most other reverse phone lookup services.

BeenVerverted is also detailed, but its search engine works slower than that of other providers.


We compared elements like the availability of both personalized individual search membership searches and reporting as well as if a mobile phone app for the site was user-friendly.

The only service that does not have an iOS application for Apple devices is Instant Checkmate. The rest have iOS and Android apps available on your phones via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Additional Services

There are many phone number lookup sites that provide more people with search services like address lookups, background checks, criminal records, etc.

Such additional services may be offered as part of an ordinary membership package, such as Intelius and BeenVerified. Some, such as Instant Checkmate and TruthFinder, sell different packages.

HumanFinders provides an array of service packages in addition to individual searches and reports that can be downloaded separately.


Some reverse phone lookup services listed only offer subscription-based pricing or membership. This is the only one which provides both individual report and membership service downloads and searches.

Compare the features with the monthly price each of them provides and select a service that offers details according to your needs.

Ease of Use

These services are easily available on their web or mobile platforms. Each provides a straightforward search process that requires you to type the phone number into a search box and produce a report.

Most only need a few minutes to give you all the details about an unknown phone number, whether a landline call or a mobile number.

People May Also Ask

How do I know who Called Me From This Phone Number?

It is possible to find a phone number by searching it in a search engine such as Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo, but the only information available from these sources in results is limited.

To find out whether a number is spam or someone you know, you could use a reverse phone lookup site to learn more about the caller.

How should I respond if an unknown phone number keeps calling?

You can also use a call blocker on your mobile to stop getting calls from the same number if you keep receiving them. You may also be able to block certain numbers with your landline service, but this function might differ across providers.

To be sure whether a number is a spam or someone whom you may know, users can utilize the reverse phone lookup website to add details about a certain number with its caller..

Is there any chance to know who had called me without paying?

There are some free reverse search services for phones. However, the databases and updating systems that paid-like services use have a cost of maintenance in time, as this is why they charge for their services. What is the frequency of updates of free reverse number lookup service information?

If you are looking for highly reliable information that is known to be current, then a paid service that provides either a single phone search report or inexpensive subscriptions will probably suit your needs best. If you often need phone number search services, then one of the options that offers more comprehensive reports and limitless phone searches may be your best option.

Can you find a phone number with a Google search?

Though you can use a search engine such as Google to find phone numbers, it is rather unlikely that any meaningful information will come out of even the most standard Google search.

A reverse phone search service frequently updates its comprehensive database with the help of public record searches to ensure that you obtain more relevant and up-to-date information than what is publicly available on Google.

What do you look for in order to determine who’s calling if the call is from an unknown number?

Some of the unknown callers may be able to hide their numbers when calling. Here we have tricks you can use to find unknown numbers by the result of which you can block them, like:

  • *57
  • *69
  • With the aid of a reverse phone number search service

Hiding behind a number might be found by dialling *69, but it is not necessarily provided in your mobile phone service, or the use of this feature may cost you extra.

Dialling *57 can also unveil a hidden number, but inform the police of anything you find out. However, if you use it to disclose information about spam or harassment calls, you should also call the police and provide them with the data regarding the time of those calls, the frequency at which they occurred, and the nature of those calls.

Use this code if you believe that the same number keeps calling, and in order to respond to the caller for harassment or threats, use the police.

Alternatively, you can consult one of the reverse phone search providers above to find out who is calling you and if they present danger or should be just blocked.

What do you understand by the ‘spoofed phone number’?

Scammers, robocalls, and some not-so-trustworthy telemarketing services could fake the number that shows up on your caller ID.

Spoofing enables such callers to mimic a local phone number, making you believe the call is legitimate coming from someone known or someone who resides in your city. The Federal Communications Commission considers spoofing legal in terms of intention to do no harm, defraud or wrongfully get anything of value.

What is caller ID and how does it work?

Caller ID is a technology that allows you to know information about the person calling. Caller ID is a service that your phone company provides to identify the inbound calls by name, area code, and any other available details. There is no managed database that belongs to a central organization which records caller ID information and services.

However, users are subject to the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009, which prohibits them from misrepresenting information with the intention of defrauding or causing injury to any person.

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