Google+ will no longer be seen on Google Play Store. The search giant has decided to remove the integration. The Google+ votes have been dropped and G+ account requirement from app reviews has also been removed.

Until now Alphabet had a section that had complete Google+ focused “People” on the app showing ratings from people one follows on the social platform. The “+1” feature was also allowed to serve as a voting of approval, but now the feature too has been stripped from the Play Store.

Google has also removed the feature that required Google+ account for writing reviews on the Play Store on apps, games and media.

Meanwhile, many users reports they can now do the same using the regular Google account.

Few years ago Google enforced the G+ with an iron fist everywhere and hoped something really great, beating other social networking platforms. However, now the stripping from Google Play Store seems it never took off as Google wanted. The G+ is now left to stand on its own.

For the first time such hard decision has been taken by Google and the giving up is something really sad.

Earlier the +1 button on app pages too was removed that otherwise directly linked to Google+.

The changes have kicked off earlier this week and it will take some time to reflect everywhere.

Share your own views with us and fellow readers whether the changes are good or sad, and whether company like Google should not give up hope so early. Use the below given comment box.

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