Social media has a good face as well as bad face and so it is suggested not to allow the platform to dictate your life. Don’t get too much inclined towards it so that you damage your self-esteem. Below are some suggestions in this regard:

It is always urged not to generate lower self-esteem by comparing your real-world life to the virtual lives of others.

It is also highly suggested not to allow kick off of any physical health issues due to bad posture, muscular strain and eye fatigue.

Never ever allow the platform to interfere into your quality sleep. In fact it will disturb your body clock then.

It is also important not to allow the social media to distract your offline life significantly.

Try to keep your mobile phone off when you are sleeping. If not, keep it far away, at least not beneath the pillow.

A general practice to avoid is not to scroll the social platform throughout the day. Make a time schedule to it so that you can focus on other things too equally.

Don’t forget to give attention to the person who is with you in real life for the social media friends. The real life is always better than the virtual world and you should be attentive to it.

The impact of social media is very high and you yourself need to decide how much to embrace it. Always try to embrace more of real world and less of virtual world.