If you are getting lots of spam calls, AT&T has a helping hand to block those. Rolled out on Tuesday, a new smartphone app reveals to be warning subscribers before picking up a phone call if its of a spam nature.

Dubbed as Call Protect, the new feature looks something like an email spam filter.

The app works in two ways. It blocks spam calls at network-level monitoring and the phone too displays alert for suspected spam calls.

Even after receiving the phone call one can mark it spam within the app in case the call was of such nature and it will be blocked thereafter.

The app is currently made available in iOS and Android operating systems. It is free and made available to AT&T customers only.

However, there’s a catch. The app only works while the customer is on AT&T’s HD Voice coverage area that is mostly available in the eastern portion of United States.

Share your own voice too whether you would be switching over to the HD Voice service of AT&T to block spam calls or stay with the usual one. Use the below given comment box.

It is to note here, even if customers are not using the app, AT&T is always striving to filter calls at its server level and block spam calls.