Whitney Wisconsin

Whitney Wisconsin is someone who people cannot agree on. Many arguments and talks about her exist, all because of her personal choices, especially in matters of intimacy. Throughout her life, she faced various legal issues. Lots of people are interested in what happened to her, whether she is still around or not.

You might have come across the name Whitney Wisconsin while surfing the internet. However, who is she exactly, and what is her story? In this article, we will explore the life of Whitney Wisconsin, both in her personal and professional aspects. Her controversies have been quite public and open.

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Who is Whitney Wisconsin?

Whitney Wisconsin is very much alive, contrary to rumours of her death. Let us delve into her life story and how she gained fame. Born as Amy Lynn Lew on March 16, 1997, she took an unusual path to internet stardom.

In 2015, Whitney started making explicit movies in public places in Eau Claire County, posting them online to gain fame and fortune. Amy, along with her collaborator Erio Oliver, worked on creating and monetizing these videos. The first film involved explicit acts, followed by a peculiar scenario where she asked men to smell her new ‘perfume.’

The second video showcased graphic actions in public areas like Oakwood Mall, Starbucks, and Kwik Trip, with unsuspecting customers in the background. This stirred up a sensation, and the male victims featured in the recordings led to Whitney and her boyfriend being found on adult websites and facing arrest.

In an interview with the Eau Claire Police Department in a hotel room booked by Oliver on April 10, 2015, Amy Lew admitted that the idea for the videos came from her.


Full NameAmy Lynn Lew (Whitney Wisconsin)
Date of BirthMarch 16, 1997
CareerAdult Model
LocationAtlanta, Georgia
Period of Controversy2015-2018
Legal IssuesArrested in 2017
Charged with felony child pornography
Sentenced to jail and probation
RelocationMoved to Bonifay, Florida, in an attempt to evade legal consequences
Current StatusLiving in Atlanta, Georgia
Active on social media
Adult model
Age26 (as of the last available information)
Online PresencePresence on OnlyFans and Instagram
Social media accounts has been removed
Life After ControversyStarted a new career
Engages with followers on social media

Qualifications of Whitney Wisconsin

We do not have information about Whitney Wisconsin’s academic background, and it seems she attended a private university. However, the details about her credentials remain unknown.

Whitney Wisconsin’s Family and Relationships

Whitney Wisconsin is single, not currently in a relationship, and does not have any children. There is no available information about her spouse or partner.

Path to Fame: Whitney Wisconsin’s Journey

Meet Amy Lynn Lew, better known as Whitney Wisconsin, born on March 16, 1997. Her journey to fame took a unique turn, gaining attention on the internet through unconventional means. In 2015, alongside her boyfriend, Erio Oliver, she embarked on a venture that thrust her into the online spotlight.

Teaming up, they created and monetized explicit videos shot in public locations within Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. These daring videos were then shared online with the aim of both gaining notoriety and making some money.

Their initial video showcased explicit acts and a peculiar scene where she invited men to smell her new “perfume.” The second video took things further, featuring explicit actions in public spots like Starbucks, Oakwood Mall, and Kwik Trip, with unsuspecting customers in the background.

As per the predictions, these videos caused a controvery with male victims in the footage alerting the police. Whitney and her boyfriend’s identification on adult websites and other online platforms led to their eventual arrest.

On April 10, 2015, the Eau Claire Police Department (ECPD) questioned Amy Lew in a hotel room rented by Oliver. She confessed that the idea behind the videos was hers, with Oliver taking on the role of the filmmaker.

As the videos gained viral status, the situation intensified. In an attempt to escape legal repercussions, Amy moved to Bonifay, Florida. However, her evasion came to an end when the Bonifay Police Department arrested her on Thursday, May 11, 2017. She was extradited back to Wisconsin alongside her boyfriend, facing charges related to felony child pornography. Whitney Wisconsin was merely 19 years old at the time of her arrest.

On June 12, 2018, she faced charges of lewd and lascivious behaviour in Eau Claire County, resulting in a sentence of nine months in jail and one year of probation. Throughout this period, she was prohibited from using any phones or computers, leaving her online fans in suspense about her well-being.

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What Happened to Whitney Wisconsin?

As her videos went viral, Amy decided to relocate to Bonifay, Florida, to avoid legal trouble. However, her escape plan was foiled when the Bonifay Police Department apprehended her on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

Whitney, along with her boyfriend, was brought back to Wisconsin, facing felony pornography charges, including those related to children. At the time of her first arrest at just 19 years old, she faced numerous offenses for her explicit actions in Eau Claire County on June 12, 2018.

Wisconsin received a 9-month prison term and a year of probation. Throughout this period, she was not allowed to use any phone or computer. Her absence from social media during this time raised concerns among her fans, who were worried about her well-being.

Her New Beginnings in Atlanta

Whitney Wisconsin has made Atlanta, Georgia, her home. She moved on from Bonifay and Eau Claire County, where she had a tough past, and now resides in the capital of the state of Georgia.

Her Life After Controversy

After serving her time in prison, Whitney Wisconsin returned to the online world. She actively updates her Twitter and Instagram accounts, much to the delight of her hundreds of followers. Her Twitter journey started in 2021, right after her probation period ended.

Living in Atlanta, Georgia, Whitney has left the challenging days in Bonifay and Eau Claire County behind, aiming for a fresh start in the Georgian capital. At 26 years of age, she is still alive and well. Embracing her career as an adult model, Whitney has a Fanvue account where she offers exclusive content to her admirers for a monthly charge of USD 25.

Whitney Wisconsin’s Controversies: Legal Tangles in 2018

Also known as Whitney Wisconsin, Amy Lynn Lew faced legal troubles in 2018. She received a sentence of 9 months in prison and a year of probation. The charges included two counts of vulgar behaviour, one count of slander, and two counts of disruptive behaviour, as determined by an Eau Claire County Judge.

As part of her probation, she was not allowed to use the name ‘Whitney Wisconsin’ or any other adult industry alias on the internet or social media. Additionally, there were restrictions on her contacting specific locations. Amy Lynn Lew, associated with her previous explicit acts, faced limitations on using smartphones and cameras. She was also required to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Family Members of Whitney Wisconsin: Mr. and Mrs. Wisconsin

Whitney Wisconsin’s father goes by the name Mr. Wisconsin, and her mother is known as Mrs. Wisconsin. However, there is no information available about her children.

Is Whitney Wisconsin Still Alive? Navigating Internet Rumors

As of now, there is no credible information confirming Whitney Wisconsin’s death. Various reports circulating on the internet have suggested her demise due to AIDS, cancer, or suicide, but none of these claims have been independently verified by a reliable source.

The last activity related to ‘Whitney Wisconsin death’ was observed in 2020 when she shared a video on her OnlyFans account. She also maintains an Instagram account, occasionally posting images of herself and her pets. While her social media activity has been less frequent in recent months, it is worth noting that Whitney’s accounts have been removed or halted multiple times.

Conclusion: Navigating Controversy to New Beginnings

In summary, Whitney Wisconsin, or Amy Lynn Lew, has experienced a tumultuous past. Presently, she resides in Atlanta, Georgia, pursuing a career as an adult model. Despite facing legal challenges, she has forged a new path and remains connected with her followers on social media.

Her unique journey stands as a reminder of life’s unpredictability, showcasing how it can lead to unforeseen destinations.

Frequetly Asked Questions on Whitney Wisconsin

Who is Whitney Wisconsin?

She is an actress. For more information, you can read the whole article.

How old is Whitney Wisconsin?

Whitney is 26 years from Wisconsin.

What is the net worth of Whitney Wisconsin?

Whitney’s net worth in Wisconsin is between $1 million to $5 million.

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